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Ok, I never thought that we could ever offer a better deal on the Orgono Silica products, compared to what we did last month.

I'm doing an extensive video shortly on the procedure of how to use this combination, but here is a quick sneak peak at the results you can obtain...

Message to me from Joan at Orgono:

Our experience is very positive in all cases of arthritis, when they take G5 Siliplant daily, while having the gel applied over the affected areas and wrapped with plastic wrap overnight, its effects are shown very fast. I have seen during the last 4 years hundreds of extraordinary recoveries, after two months of continuous intake. I remember receiving just one complaint from my friend's mother, she suffered from osteoarthritis and after taking the product lost a state aid, terrible!

In the clinical study here, it was the combination of the G5 Siliplant with the Orgono Skin Gel that provided incredible results for all sorts of arthritic patients in just 6 weeks... 4 tablespoons of G5 Siliplant was taken daily, hence why we are offering this incredible deal for multiple bottles, because you will need it...

and remember... The G5 Siliplant has almost twice the amount of silica per serving (23.5ml vs 12ml) compared to the Orgono Living Silica.

So it's almost like getting two bottles for the price of one.

These deals are so good that you may want to get one of each package, to where you can get one gel and one G5 Siliplant at no extra charge. If you do that, I created another listing where we will give you an extra $5 off.

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