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We have just sourced a Pure White Monatomic Powdered Gold Ormus product.

This is the real deal...

There are generally two forms of Ormus. One is produced from sea water, and then there are stronger forms that can be alchemically produced from pure ingot metals.

This product is prepared by the David Hudson Patented Method from Pure (99.999) Ingot Gold. Some sell pure white powder gold made from salt. The issue with that is you are going to get a variety of 11+ minerals, whereas ours is made from pure gold using the David Hudson formula. It's not as pure...

The white powdered gold is much stronger than sea water ormus.

It's not the element itself that's so valuable when you get an ormus product, but the resonance frequencies that come off of it. The pure white monatomic powdered gold produces a much higher resonance frequency than sea water ormus. These resonance oscillators are producing a magnetic field around them that can be considered as some sort of energetic life-force.

It all started back in 1975 with David Hudson a cotton farmer who discovered a material in the soil of his field. If the material was laid out in the sun to dry, it exploded in a flash of light.
But the substance remained if dried without sunlight.

He brought this sample to scientists all over the world and baffled them with experiments and tests, because current science dictates that the reactions that were happening with this material are not possible.

There were multiple times where they thought that the machines were broken...

During one of the experiments, the matter weighed less than zero, but there was still something physically there.

Warming and cooling altered the elements such as iron, which spontaneously disappeared or morphed into other elements. It literally disappeared completely and came back. When David Hudson's material was brought back to normal the mass balance was off from it's original weight! In physics you never get less matter than what you first started with. The weight went from 100% to 55%. They were perplexed by the fact it weighed 5/9th of what it originally weighed, losing 4/9th of it.

The only explanation was that the matter was still there but not in this dimension, but in the invisible (spiritual) dimension.

This ormus is like a superconductor. A superconductor is billions and billions of atoms, resonating in two dimensions (physical and spiritual), as one harmonic unit. Therefore, all of these billions of atoms are acting like one single atom in total harmony with each other resonating in unison in two dimensions.

So a pure superconductor like our ormus should really weigh 5/9th of it's beginning weight.

If two guitars are tuned perfectly together, you can strum one guitar and the other will vibrate and play based off the resonance from the first guitar. One could consider that taking this type of ormus guides the resonant frequencies of the human body to match more closely with the spiritual world, because the ormus has been considered to be resonating in both the physical and spiritual world at the same time.

David Hudson put the Monatomic Gold into one of his lab machines that had a tube furnace.

This kept all particles and magnetic fields out. When he put his hand in there, the Monatomic Gold magically floated, but when putting a magnet in, absolutely nothing would happen. The monatomic gold is a superconductor that activates when a 'flow flux' occurs, which some consider to be movement of spiritual life-force, as seen in the human body. That is why the ormus magically moved with a human hand and did nothing in the presences of a magnet.

I can't really make any claims or benefits, but I suggest doing your own research on the internet. It appears that Gold is associated with the pineal gland, which some say may enhance your spiritual sight. Since our spiritual health is closely related to our physical, many websites claim it is good for a variety of physical conditions. Make sure you speak to a doctor before making any changes.

Like in David Hudson's cotton field soil, we used to get these types of monatomic elements in the soil where our food was grown.

It has been said by theorists that our depleted soils is part of the process of removing these elements in order to lower humanity's spiritual consciousness. It has also been stated that this product can help make up for that elemental loss.

This Pure White Monatomic Powdered Gold Ormus, is much more powerful than the sea water ormus, and you just need a very little bit.

25 - 50mg per day will last you 20 - 40 days with this 1 gram bottle. If you are just trying to make up for elemental losses, it's good to start with just 10 - 15mg per day. You would just want to wet only 3/10 of a square centimeter on your finger, dip it in the powder, and take that as your dosage. If you are taking it for spiritual purposes, they generally recommend to start out with 50mg per day which is a very small pinch.

This product isn't something that I would want to take every single day for the rest of my life.

However, I love to take smaller dosages for one week time periods from time to time, because I love to get Monatomic elements back into my body.

Some have reported taking higher dosages (200 - 300mg) every day for 2 - 3 months and they started to hear a sound that got louder and louder as the days went on, as if they were hearing the cosmic energy flow around them. They also stated that once they stopped taking it, they were happy that the sound stayed. I was taking higher dosages every day for about 10 days, and I decided to stop, because I already see and hear enough bells and whistles in my reality lol, and I was feeling something happening.

Some have reported taking a 50mg dosage, 20 - 30 minutes before reading the bible, and it produced a profound spiritual experience.

It's always good to start off with small dosages with this type of product, because our bodies have been deprived of these elements for so long and we don't want to shock it.
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.