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Pacari pays close attention to make sure they remove as much shell as possible when screening the beans to nibs and bagging them for sale to YOU.
Occasionally you may receive a high concentration of cacao shell in your Pacari Nibs bag. They do everything we can to remove as much as possible. In the event you receive a bag with too much shell please write to our customer service department and let them know the Lot # located on the bottom of your bag. We can provide you with an exchange or a refund if you'd like to return the product.


Pacari Chocolate is a line of premium  organic chocolate, and the first single-origin organic chocolate made in entirely in Ecuador. We carefully select the finest ingredients and work in small batches in order to bring you an unforgettable chocolate experience.

All of the ingredients are 100% organic, 100% produced according to fair and equitable standards. Each batch of our single-region, specialty chocolate products is crafted to maintain the intense flavor profile of the Arriba Nacional cacao bean.

We partner directly with the cacao growers and offer a number or sustainability programs for the communities with which we work. By choosing Pacari Chocolate, you are contributing to these efforts.

Please note that the cacao beans do have skins. The cacao beans are washed well and the skins are edible and nutritious. We keep the skins on because we have found it is natures little wrapper,seems to help keep the beans fresher. If you wish to peel them, the process is much like peeling a piece of garlic,just rub them a bit.

Pacari FAQ"s

Q: Where are the beans from?

A: All Pacari products are from Ecuador.

Q: Are the beans fermented?

A: Yes. All the beans are fermented.

Q: What type of Cocoa tree are these beans derived from?

A: Criollo

Q: Is this Cocoa processed in a gluten free, nut free facility like the description says?

A: Yes

*As a result of changing seasons and crops, you may notice a difference or variation in the color, size, texture, taste, etc. of this product. We thank you for your kind understanding of these variances. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome. We highly value your input, as it helps us to identify how we can better serve you in the future. Thank YOU! -The Raw Food World Team

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.