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Pearl Powder 12:1 Extract, 40 Grams - Shaman Shack


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Pearl Powder 12:1 Extract, 40 Grams - Shaman Shack


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Pearl is a precious substance, longe sought aftyer by the most beautiful women of Asia, Kwan Yin and the Empress Dowager are two noted female figures from Classical China who were said to have taken Pearl regularly to maintain their immortal beauty. Pearl contains mucopolysaccharides which have collagen-like properties, and help protect the elasticity and tone of the skin. Pearl is also an excellent source for a large variety of assimilable water-soluble minerals.

Our pearl is 100% water soluble,leaving absolutely no film on the botom of the glass when diluted into water. You can do this experiment and see for yourself. Pearl may be diluted in liquid and taken internally, or mixed into creams and applied externally to skin. 1/8 teaspoon mixed into drinks or smoothies can be an excellent beauty enhancer.

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