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Peppermint Tooth Brights (w/Activated Charcoal), 1.7 oz

Peppermint Tooth Brights (w/Activated Charcoal), 1.7 oz

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Charcoal has been around as a helpful and healing substance for a very long time. Used for preserving mummies, wood and water, charcoal has also been used for a number of ailments and has been recorded in hundreds of treatments throughout the centuries.


In our day, doctors, paramedics and medical centers use activated charcoal in a number of different ways. The benefits of charcoal are well documented in numerous medical journals. 


Of course I had to formulate an oral care product incorporating activated charcoal.


After all, charcoal was used as a tooth whitener over 100 years ago, and it works just as well today!


Introducing Tooth Brights™ from Marvelous Tooth Care™!


The activated charcoal infused into our new Tooth Brights™ formula is derived from coconuts and helps to eliminate toxins, deodorize the mouth and brighten the teeth all in one easy step.


Tooth Brights™ will super cleanse and purify your mouth every time you brush!


Tooth Brights™ in peppermint flavor is so utterly fantastic I can't stand it! From the moment I put this product into my mouth I knew it was a winner. I am literally obsessed with Tooth Brights™! 


The JET BLACK formula leaves your teeth squeaky clean and pure. You have to try it!


All the ingredients are excellent and good for you:


Saponified organic extra virgin olive and coconut oils, Original Himalayan Crystal Salt®, activated charcoal from coconuts, distilled water and essential oil.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.