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Perfect Body, by Roe Gallo

Perfect Body, by Roe Gallo


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If you want to have a lean, fit, and healthy body, this book is for you. You don't have to live with bad skin and excess fat, or the common diseases and conditions of aging. You don't have to be tired all the time. All of these things that seem natural, are not. They seem natural because they are common but, in reality, they are entirely unnatural conditions. Read this book and you will discover that the vast majority of diseases and ailments are preventable and reversible.

The Perfect Body plan of action is natural, healthy, and effective. You too can live your life with energy and health and look and feel incredible.

Roe Gallo, MA, is a powerful and dynamic motivational speaker, trainer and consultant on health and fitness. She lives what she teaches.

Toe came close tot death many times because of an asthmatic condition that she had since birth. In order to breathe, she ingested steroid and used inhalers. Her doctors gave her the death sentence. They told her that if the asthma didn't kill her, the steroids would. At the age of 25, after another near fatal attach and all the negative side effects from the steroids, she decided to take control of her life (and death).

Roe studied how the body works naturally. Using diet, fasting,a dna positive mental attitude, she detoxified her body and got her life and health back.

From Roe Gallo:

The Death Sentence

I had asthma. I had allergies to animals, dust, pollen-almost everything. I spent most of my younger years in bed or visiting the doctor. I couldn't run and play with the "normal" kids because my asthma was so bad my chest would constrict with pain and I would wheeze and gasp for breath.

After 25 years of trying to cure me, the doctors gave up and admitted that the drugs that were keeping me alive were also killing me.

Dissatisfied with my medical death sentence, I studied physiology, the science of how the body functions. I discovered that most disease is preventable and that the cause of most disease is toxicity. The only diseases that are not preventable are rare degenerative genetic conditions. Common diseases and conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, asthma, etc., are preventable and totally unnecessary. I also found that the mind and emotions play a large part in the overall health of the body. I knew, in order to get better, I had to believe I could be healthy.

Taking responsibility for my body was the most frightening thing I have ever done, because it went against everything that seemed normal. However, the doctors told me I was going to die so I made changes and the rest is history. I am alive today because I got the right information, believed it, and took action. I'm healthy, I look and feel great, and I have two dogs that I can play with without any worries of allergies.
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