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Ready for the Class We NEVER Had?

After creating PhilosophersNotes on 100 of the top self-development classics, Brian Johnson identified 10 key principles the greatest teachers come back to again and again (and again!).

Isn’t it a bit odd that we went from Science to Math to History but somehow missed the class on how to live? For some wacky reason “Optimal Living 101” didn’t make the schedule…

But imagine if that class did exist—and the teachers included everyone from the old school philosophers like Socrates, Marcus Aurelius, Emerson, Nietzsche and the Buddha to modern gurus like Joseph Campbell, Dan Millman, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer plus the world’s leading positive psychologists like Sonja Lyubomirsky, Tal Ben-Shahar and Martin Seligman who are *scientifically* establishing how we can live with more happiness, meaning and mojo.

Think of this book as a Philosopher's notes on that awesome class.

From "Spiritual Farts" and "110-Year-Old Yous" to "The Tolle Trap" and "Blissipline," you'll have fun getting your wisdom on in this inspiring, playful, wise, and practical little book as Brian Johnson shares one hundred of his favorite Big Ideas on how to create a life brimming with a radiant enthusiasm only discovered when we align with the fundamentals of Optimal Living.

Brian Johnson loves wisdom. He also loves creating cool businesses that inspire and empower people to live their most authentically awesome lives.

A few years ago Brian sold his business to give himself a Ph.D. in Optimal Living. He couldn't find a program that integrated everything he wanted to study - from philosophy, positive psychology and spirituality to nutrition, heal,& fitness, creativity, business and modern self-development. So, he decided to create his own doctoral program.

He earned his Master's by creating a business called Philosophers where he distilled the Big Ideas from 100 of his favorite optimal living classics into fun, inspiring and super practical 6-page PDFs, 20 min MP3s and 10-min TV episodes. This book is his dissertation.

Before becoming a full-time Philosopher, Brian built and sold the social networking sites eteamz and Zaadz. He enjoys spooning with his Goddess when he's not reading, hiking, creating or otherwise enjoying life.
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