Pinhole Glasses

Pinhole Glasses #15 Hip To Be Square

Pinhole Glasses #15 Hip To Be Square
  • 1 - 2 units - $2.95
    $2.95 / unit
  • 3 - 4 units - $2.49
    $2.49 / unit
  • 5 - 99 units - $1.95
    $1.95 / unit
  • 100 - 999 units - $1.49
    $1.49 / unit


Quantity Price
1 - 2 units. $2.95/unit
3 - 4 units. $2.49/unit
5 - 99 units. $1.95/unit
> 100 units. $1.49/unit

Pinhole glasses are said to be a natural way to exercise your eyes. Similar to seeing clearly through a small hole that you can make with your fix and looking through from your thumb to your pinky, pinhole glasses have helped others to see more clearly.

In today’s society most people’s eye muscles are not being worked as they should be. In the wild we’d be consistently looking over far distances at mountains, cliffs, rivers, and so on. Today, most of us tend to be stuck in city environments and we rarely get the opportunity to look more than 25 feet ahead of us.

To make our eyes even more lazy, many of us are looking at 2D television sets, computers, iPads and/or iPhones for the majority of the day.

When our eye muscles become lazy, the result can be blurred vis!on. Of course the prescription eyeglass industry is going to try to take advantage of this situation and offer you expensive prescription eyeglasses that make your eyes even more lazy by doing much of the focusing for you. Some have used pinhole glasses as an alternative.

Angela and I, plus our next door neighbor, all keep a pair of these Pinhole Glasses next to our desk and put them on just a few minutes of the day. I do it for preventative measures since I am at a computer for a good amount of the day. Angela and our next door neighbor both have blurred vis!on and they use these glasses in order to help improve their vision.

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