QBC- Pink Vortex Cone

QBC- Pink Vortex Cone

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Environmental Vortex Cones
Made of the same plant-based crystalline resin as our pendants, our Vortex Cones contain a spiral copper wire that directs the energy out of the tip of the cone.  The energy passes through a hand picked Atlantean Lemurian Recorder Quartz Crystal.

There are many different ways to use the cones. Some are using them to create a coherent energy field of peace in their homes or property by placing a cone in each of the 4 corners. Others are using them for trigger point massage therapy. Cones can be used in the car, meditation, offices, refrigerators, electronics, etc. Place a cone under your bed or on the end tables in your bedroom and a harmonic resonance field will be created for sleep.
Pink QBC Vortex Cone

"I Connect" Feminine Heart Chakra, loving one self, compassion, gentleness, acceptance

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