Plastic Surgery Hopscotch, by John McCabe

Plastic Surgery Hopscotch, by John McCabe


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A Resource Guide for Those Considering Cosmetic Surgery

In his title, McCabe (Surgery Electives, Carmania Bks., 1994) alludes to patients who "run from one surgeon to the next, trying to...fix what was done to [them]."

He clearly feels that most plastic surgeries are unnecessary and that far too many are done by incompetent surgeons. Aside from this bias, McCabe offers a comprehensive, well-executed look at the types of plastic surgery done today, their risks, and their potential benefits. The text is interspersed with excerpts from congressional subcommittee hearings on plastic surgery, other books, and comments of former patients, and a long list of publications and organizations to help consumers find a good doctor is included.
Recommended for most public libraries.-Susan B. Hagloch, Tuscarawas Cty. P.L., New Philadelphia, Ohio
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