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"Opulence is the law of the universe, an abundant supply for every need if nothing is put in the way of its coming." - Ralph W. Trine

Plenty of Time is a new way of looking at your life, a new way of composing your day - moment by moment. Rather than organizing your day around what you have to do, you will create your day using who you want to be as your guiding star. When you utilize this book as your system, you will have the tools to sort through the "to-dos" on your list and create them instead as opportunities for who you get to be.

Plenty of Time has no limiting parameters, there is just plenty of it! You can start any day of the year, and even skip some days if you want (or if you forget to use it). It will not expire. Just open it up and start creating who you get to be in your life when you are doing all the amazing things you've scheduled for yourself.

Terces Engelhart is founder of Cafe Gratitude and also co-author of The Abounding River Logbook, I am Grateful, Sacred Commerce and Kindred Spirit. Her real love in life is being present so she can fully enjoy each moment. Plenty of Time was born from the idea that we create our own experience by where we put or attention (worship power), so why not put it on qualities that bring out the best in ourselves and inspire us? She is a wife, mother, and grandmother and lives between San Francisco and Vacaville, California, where she and her husband recently started organic farming and growing food for the cafes. This is her gift to you.

Jon Marro is an artists, designer, and visionary living in Berkley. His greatest ambition is to open up as many eyes, minds, and hearts as he can through imagery. John has his own design parlor and has worked closely with Cafe Gratitude on many of their design projects, including their private label packaging. He also owns Blend Apparel, an eco-friendly t-shirt company which offers his iconographic question marks to the world. All of his (he)art is devoted to making people smile, raising collective awareness, and self-love.

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