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Will my stretched skin go back into place?’

‘How long is it going to take me to detox?’

‘What will happen if I go back to processed foods?’

‘How do I handle my candida?’...

...for people losing a lot of weight with a raw lifestyle, the same questions always arise. All these issues and more are covered in this unique new book, which was written to address these common queries and provide a comprehensive overview of the physical changes you can anticipate when losing weight with a raw lifestyle.

Weight loss, detox, skin issues, candida infections, deficiencies, colon cleansing and more are all covered in this ground-breaking work. Written with honesty and clarity, the insightful guidance shared here is a combination of personal experience and extensive research into healthy raw living.

For those going raw or interested in raw foods for sustainable weight loss, this is an invaluable guide. This book will steer you through the main physical changes, as well as provide support and reassurance for your new experiences. It can feel daunting when we first go raw and start to lose lots of weight, experience detox symptoms and feel very different physically - this book helps ease your transition.

No other raw book provides such in-depth guidance on this topic.
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