Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine, by Gabriel Cousens

Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine, by Gabriel Cousens

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"The cutting-edge research in nutritional healing." --from the foreword by David Wolfe

These revolutionary recipes do more than stimulate your palate. Properly understood, they enhance your uderstanding of the biological terrain of the body and mind, and the process of attaining optimal health and expanded consciousness. The authors have created the first sophisticated, gourmet, multinational cuisine based on natural, organic, living food. Couple the delicious recipes with a relatively low-sugar and low-mycotoxic approach that reverses chronic degenerative disease, and you are on the path to radiant health!

In developing the understanding that there is no one diet for everyone and pursuing a scientific means of individualizing one's diet, Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine merges the wisdom of the Ayurvedic dietary approach with modern research on metabolic factors such as fast or slow oxidizer; blood type; genetic make-up and more. Learning how to select a diet that fits your unique constitution is the key to health and balance.

The prevalence and dangers of foods that have been genetically engineered; commercially grown on pesticides, herbicides, and hormones; irradiated, microwaved, or even (just) cooked are also addressed. Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine is the most practical solution to these critical personal and planetary issues. This holistic approach to Conscious eating includes nearly 400 of the most creative raw-food recipes around and essential information on food preparation.

Special sections take the theme further: "Healthy Traveling in the Raw" with extensive advice on eliminating the stress of jet flight, and "Raising Rainbow Babies" with the first information ever published on month-by-month raw-food nutrition for infants. This compelling synthesis of research and innovative dietary strategies charts new territory based on an age-old theme: Eat as nature intended.

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