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by Julia Corbett

  • a collection of over 40 cookie recipes
  • superfood ingredient descriptions
  • unique techniques for raw cookie making
  • beautiful photography by Julia Corbett

    The Raw Cookie Book contains over 40 original raw cookie recipes, using healthy ingredients that are all gluten-free. Superfoods and medicinal herbs are infused into the cookies to create the most nutrient-dense treats with amazing flavor.

    Julia Corbett supplies tips and techniques to make the most heavenly sweet treats you have ever eaten. She offers a conscious way to choose ingredients and delivers beauty in her sweets.

    Cookie recipes like ♥ Chocolate Chip Cookies ♥ Maple Walnut Shortbread ♥ Wild Berry Jam Linzer Cookies

    ...are all filled with raw ingredients and it could be argued that they taste more delectable than their cooked counterparts. Try these and many more healthy and sustainable cookie recipes, deliciousness is waiting.
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