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Raw Fermentation - eBook

Raw Fermentation - eBook


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This book covers the fundamentals of raw fermentation and outlines the following topics, techniques and principals over 65 pages:

• Fermented nut cheeses; “hard” and “soft” cheeses with both sweet and savoury recipes

• Collecting and using “nut whey”

• Lacto Fermented fruit chutneys and salsa

• Vegetable chutneys and condiments

• Kimchi; using cucumber and cabbage

• Sauerkraut; basic recipe and recipes using various vegetables, herbs and spices

• Kombucha; using tea and coffee and how to create fizzy, soda like kombucha drinks and kombucha vinegars

• Water kefir; basic recipe and how to create fizzy, soda like kefir with various sub recipes

• Accompaniments; crackers and bread to serve with your cheeses and fruit and vegetable ferments

• Links; for useful websites, tools, supplies and inspiration

• Troubleshooting pages for each section
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