Raw Food

Raw Food And Health, by Dr. St. Louis Estes

Raw Food And Health, by Dr. St. Louis Estes


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Raw Food And Health
by: Estes, Dr. St. Louis

1927 Back to nature and longer life. Raw food books are becoming more popular as the years go by - there are few modern books on the subject and the older ones are now exhausted as you will find if you have searched the book stores. Contents: Raw Food & Health; Malnutrition; Colds; Coffee & Tea; Salt; Alcohol; Tobacco; Constipation; Gas; Skin Disorders; Feet; Detecting Diseases by Vibrations of the Voice & Walk; Care of the Mouth and Teeth - Venereal Disease and Its Effect on the Teeth; Breathing; Sleep; Exercise; Water; Sunshine; Bathing; Milk; Vitamins; Fasting; Sugar; Hair; The Care of Your Baby; Iridology; Health vs. Vice; The Subconscious; Menus; Carbohydrates and Non-starchy Vegetables; Soups; Salads; Salad Dressings; Sandwiches; Notes; Desserts & Sauces; Ice Creams and Ices; Drinks Cheese; Eggs; Fruit Juices; Oranges; Lemon Juice; Buttermilk; Grains; Legumes; Bread; Fruits & Nuts; Honey; Vinegar; Final Resume.
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