Raw Food, Fast Food, by Philip McCluskey


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Raw Food, Fast Food, by Philip McCluskey

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"Create Amazing Raw Food Recipes
Using The Same Simple Approach I
Used To Lose Over 215 lbs!"

It Has NEVER Been Easier To Create Raw Meals In Under 10 Minutes

For too long raw cuisine has been seen as a luxury for those with time and money to spare. But the fact of the matter is that the ideology behind eating raw - to consume whole, fresh, and local foods, and to maximize their health benefits - is totally in keeping with the idea of "fast food." All that it takes is some creative adjustment!

These fun and incredibly fast recipes prove how convenient a raw diet can be. Full of tips, information and beautiful photographs to accompany the simplest (but also the most delicious) living food dishes imaginable, this book is the perfect raw foods primer for busy families, young urbanites, and anyone looking to lose weight, feel healthier, and begin to glow!

"In Raw Food, Fast Food You'll Find Quick Raw Food Recipes for..."

# Soups - 6 recipes, including my famous Spinach Bisque.
# Appetizers - 10 recipes to please any palette.
# Entrees - 11 recipes including raw pasta, burger, tacos, quiche, lasagna, and more!
# Salads - 7 recipes, including both green and fruit salads.
# Desserts - 6 recipes guaranteed to get your kids excited.
# Smoothies & Teas - 11 recipes to keep your light and juicy.
# Ingredients lists & nutritional facts
# Over 50 Recipes and 100 pages of Quick Raw Food Dishes

Here Is The Proof... I Lost Over 215lbs Completely Naturally Just Eating Raw Food!

Philip McCluskey - An author and motivational speaker whose own life was transformed (lost over 215 lbs) by the power of raw foods, Philip McCluskey is ready to guide both seasoned chefs and culinary newcomers into this fun, energetic, and loving world of raw cuisine. 100% Raw since 2006
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