Raw Food Salad Bar, by Philip McCluskey

Raw Food Salad Bar, by Philip McCluskey

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In Raw Food, Fast Food, chef and motivational speaker Philip McCluskey showed readers that raw food goes far beyond salads. With creativity, passion, and an eye on time and convenience, he presented hearty, pleasing raw meals that would satisfy even the hungriest omnivore.

Now, he's back to show you what can be done with salads: and there is so much of it to show! In Raw Food Salad Bar, Philip presents dozens of delicious, simple, and ingenious salad recipes. Armed with knowledge about buying, storing, and preparing fresh, seasonal produce, he walks the reader through the art of salad-crafting, from selecting greens to pairing flavors.

Dressings that make salads come to life!Along with these sumptuous salads, Philip explores the other staple of a raw diet: soups. Here are both spicy and cooling soups that defy expectation. Ranging from simple broths to hearty stews stews that can easily pass for the stews of childhood memory these are alternately soothing and sensational.

The best part? These soups and salads, like all of Philip's recipes, take mere minutes to prepare. So get out your chopping block, blender, and chef's knife, and dive into the wonderful world of the Raw Food Salad Bar And, all the recipes are:

  • 100% Raw
  • 100% Vegan
  • 100% Vegetarian
  • 100% Dairy Free
  • 100% Gluten Free "In Raw Food Salad Bar You'll Find Quick Raw Food Recipes for..."

  • A Guide to Greens Delicious and creative soups and salads, many with local produce and tons of heirloom flair!
  • 40 Vegetable Salads
  • 12 Fruit Salads
  • 27 Yummy Soups
  • Ingredients lists & nutritional facts
  • Complete List of all Raw Food Recipes
  • 79 Amazing Recipes and 122 pages of Quick Raw Food Dishes
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