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Raw Foods For Busy People (dvd)


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Raw Foods For Busy People (dvd)


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Raw Foods for Busy People: The Video
by Jordan Maerin

This is the DVD every busy person and raw food beginner should own! It contains demonstrations of more than 20 versatile, easy to remember recipes, including tips and time-saving strategies, in the first 30 minutes PLUS exclusive live class footage. You will never find more useful information on an 80-minute DVD!

What makes this video perfect for busy people:

Maximum information - no useless content here, only what you need
Concise format - the first 30 minutes is all you need to go raw!
Manageable length - a DVD created for a busy person's schedule
Clear organization - which makes it easy to follow and understand
DVD stands alone - all the recipes are included, no book necessary
Food close-ups - a second camera angle brings you close to the action
Professional quality - by a chef who's worked in restaurants since 1984
Active editing plus a great soundtrack make this DVD fun to watch
Website support - access previews and recipes, and email me 24/7
This video was filmed at Nature's Wisdom Bistro & Juice Bar in Idyllwild,
California, with an inspiring soundtrack by Vermont musician and
songwriter San Gordon. Click below to view previews:
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