Raw Health: Pathways to natural Healing - Various Authors

Raw Health: Pathways to natural Healing - Various Authors


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How can you really take control of your health, well being and happiness?

Your body is a complex, fine-tuned organism. Thanks to our modern diet, lifestyle and the environment we are taxing this fine-tuned instrument to the limit. In this short book, we would like to make you keenly aware of your responsibility in living up to your potential; not only intellectually, but mentally, physically and spiritually. Let's get started.

For you brave souls who have decided to take control of your health, we have something empowering for you. The first and primary step in taking charge of your health is taking control of what enters your body. Did you know that your health begins in a very large way with your food choices, physical activity and related lifestyle choices? Hang on for a speedy, informative ride.

Raw Health was written by six women from various backgrounds who came together to share their successes in achieving optimum health. We were all interested in helping others and our paths crossed through our raw food support groups.

As we traveled down this road in search of better health, we began to realize each other's gifts. In doing so, we discovered that there are many facets of improving ones' health. Our hearts and minds opened to each other as we realized that we were all on the same path.

As mothers who nurture and love their offspring, we dedicate this book to you in hopes that your life is enriched with the knowledge of Raw these are the days of YOUR life.

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