Raw Inspiration, by Lisa Montgomery

Raw Inspiration, by Lisa Montgomery

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Raw Inspiration
Living Dynamically with Raw Food
By Lisa Montgomery

Format: Perfect bound, soft cover, 180 pages

Description of Book
Raw Inspiration: Living Dynamically with Raw Food is an inspiring and informative raw foods lifestyle book featuring personal stories of healing through raw foods, tips for setting up and maintaining a raw foods kitchen and lifestyle, and delicious recipes. The personal stories come from many walks of life and are inspirational to those seeking a healthier diet. Raw Inspiration also explains the basics of nutrition and meal planning with raw foods, as well as providing a guide to equipping a raw foods kitchen.

“What you put in your mouth and how you live your life are so important,” says raw foods expert Lisa Montgomery. “A Raw Food diet cleanses the body and nurtures the soul.”

"Wonderfully engaging, a personal story that has also touched many others. Raw foods have a way of bringing people together in a positive way, and Lisa's journey exemplifies this, highlighting the power of transformation, creativity and health." -Matthew Kenney,¬ chef and author of Everyday Raw

“Lisa Montgomery, her raw potlucks, events, and her book "Raw Inspiration, Living Dynamically With Raw Food" helps to continue the work that Ann Wigmore and I started. With her global aspirations she is helping to inspire people to make better choices to live healthier lifestyles.”

-Viktoras Kulvinskas

About the Author
Author, Lisa Montgomery is known as the guru to the gurus. Her famous monthly Living Dynamically Raw Food Potluck gatherings, workshops, and annual Living Food Expo are attended by celebrities, raw food experts, and enthusiasts. Supermodel Carol Alt personally visited Lisa’s annual Living Food Expo and published one of Lisa’s recipes in her latest book, The Raw 50. The father of the living/raw food movement, Viktoras Kulvinskas even came from his home in Costa Rica to attend one of Lisa’s monthly Potlucks!

Lisa is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (HHC) from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in Manhattan. She is also a Certified Associate Raw Chef and Instructor from the Living Light Institute of Raw Foods in California. Her keynotes and workshops champion the holistic benefits of fully embracing the raw foods lifestyle. Her focus is on living dynamically – teaching people how to heal their entire being (physical, emotional, and psychological) with the raw foods
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