Raw Truth, the, by Jeremy Safron

Raw Truth, the, by Jeremy Safron

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The Raw Truth
The Art of Preparing Living Foods
by Jeremy A. Safron

Softcover - 186 pages

Jeremy Safron has been a pioneer of the raw foods movement for the past decade. His two world-renowned Raw Experience restaurants were valued not only for their creative menus, but also as networking and education centers for the global raw foods movement. The recipes that Safron made famous at Raw Experience can now be made in your own kitchen with The Raw Truth, a down-to-earth, no-fuss guide to making delicious, hearty, proud-to-be-raw cuisine. The recipes are so simple requiring few ingredients and only a handful of dehydration and sprouting techniques and so "to live for" that you'll quickly be hooked. But it's not all about simplicity and flavor; raw cuisine is healthful, too. A raw foodists well know, raw foods contain vital enzymes that their cooked counterparts lack, plus more vitamins and nutrients. So whip up such healthy creations as Angel Hair with Marinara, Carrot-Almond Essence Bread, and Carob-Hazelnut Torte, and make your next meal totally rawsome!
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