Raw Food

Raw Family, by the Boutenko's

Raw Family, by the Boutenko's


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Softcover - 102 pages

The inspiring true story of a family who, through necessity, found themselves on the raw/live food path. Victoria Boutenko and her husband and two children came here from Russia in 1990. After living the American Dream lifestyle, including eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) for a few years, everyone became ill with various serious diseases. The final straw for Victoria was when she was told that her son, diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes, would have to be injected with insulin for the rest of his life and that there was no cure. Through her despair, Victoria reasoned that there must be another way; another answer for her son and family. She began to look for people who looked healthy and then she would ask them what they did to be healthy. One day she saw a very radiant and happy looking woman in the bank and again asked the question. The answer: "Eat raw food" was shocking and unexpected, but something about the simplicity of it rang true in her soul. Written in Victoria?s unique style, each member of the family also contributes by describing their experiences from their own perspective.

This book is simple, beautiful, and inspiring. With photographs
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