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A new discovery, the ultimate cacao bean to paste perfection!

This is not raw Cacao paste. This is RAW Cacao paste unlike anything you have experienced before!
Whenever I ask someone if their “raw” cacao paste smells like Beans or Cacao paste, they always say it smells like Cacao. For most people, there’s no clear difference, cacao is cacao, no matter if it’s beans, paste or powder. I have to tell you, there is a huge difference when it comes to the very best in cacao products, especially our cacao paste.  Our paste has the distinct aroma of a raw bean compressed into a paste.

I am happy to share with you that we are launching this amazing, new cacao paste today! In secret, we’ve have been trying to perfect this complicated and interesting process for many months, and finally discovered a way to process cacao into paste, maintaining the full bodied aroma and essence of pure beans. It is unlike any other cacao available on the market today.

Our single-origin cacao paste has the distinctive aroma of unprocessed, unfiltered and 100% pure cacao beans.  Add to it, a subtle, fruity fragrance, with hints of sweet raw chocolate, and an underlying tone of fresh earth after Spring rain. It elevates the senses! This decadent essence of a divine Incan Treasure, originates from the 11,000ft high Andes Mountains of Peru. No wonder, as this was a place where the capital of the Inca Empire once stood and all these magical properties are captured in this incredibly flavorsome 100% raw cacao paste.

This magical cacao paste opens up a new sensory experience, revealing new undiscovered possibilities for creating and enjoying the ultimate cacao, bean to paste experience that your brain didn’t know exists.  

Many chocolatiers and gourmet chocolate companies to whom I’ve sent a sample of this new cacao paste were pleasantly and positively surprised when they first experienced our single-origin cacao paste. The unique taste of pure, unadulterated raw cacao paste, pressed into perfection with all aroma’s naturally and complete, only enhanced through the delicate, natural process of bringing the bean to the paste. No need to add inferior ingredients to ‘stretch the bar’. Chocolatiers are excited in seeing the many ‘grand-cru’ possibilities of working with such a unique and newly discovered cacao paste. Perhaps winning an International Chocolate Award?! I am certain we will be there in the near future, as we are currently working on perfecting our very own raw gourmet chocolate bars. Our cacao paste is a gourmet chocolate connoisseur’s dream!  

Our cacao paste just arrived this week and has a completely different profile from our previous cacao paste. This is, without a doubt, the new standard for cacao paste in the world.  


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