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People have been begging for these Peruvian Olives to come back in stock for a month now!  Not only do we have all of our incredible Peruvian Olives back in stock, but we also have two new Olive Pastes (Green and Black) with herbs, which just make my mouth water thinking about them! All of the Olives are 100% raw, however the Olive Pastes are heated above raw standards for a short period of time when jarring the product. We've got all five of our Olives back in stock, which include the ones in the jar that have been sun-dried with no ingredients added to them (not even salt)! It seems that people's overall favorite is the Pitted Olives with Herbs.  We are offering them all 'At-Cost' through the end of the year!

Here is a list of all the Olives and Olive Pastes that we now have in stock:


  • Raw Organic Peruvian Dried Olives, 8oz
  • Raw Organic Peruvian Dried Olives w/Herbs, 8oz
  • Raw Organic Peruvian Sundried Olives (No Salt), 300g jar
  • Organic Black Olive Paste w/Herbs, 200gr
  • Organic Green Olive Paste w/Herbs, 200gr

Mixed BLACK & Red

Raw  Vegan  Gluten Free

Our olives come from the first organic farm in Peru, located in a coastal desert that has never been exposed to pesticides or toxic fertilizers. Lovingly crafted by the farmers, these olives are cured with time-honored techniques, giving you the finest olives in the world  and 100% organic!

Plump, robust, juicy, with a rich, wholesome tang, these tree-ripened Olives are bursting with authentic flavor and incredible nourishment.

Traditionally cured in spring water and sea salt (instead of the bitter chemicals used in modern olive production), these organic olives are lovingly crafted for unparalleled purity and environmental sustainability.

Rich with delicious, heart-healthy oils and cell-protecting antioxidants, they're the ultimate savory snack. They make exquisite appetizers and a gourmet addition to salads, soups, and sauces!

The Farmers used innovative permaculture techniques to turn a salty desert into a sustainable oasis of biodiversity - the first organic farm in Peru! Their stretch of Peruvian coastal desert has never been exposed to chemical pesticides or fertilizers instead they use innovative agricultural practices to keep the soil rich and make their olive products simply delicious!

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