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Raw Wakame (Iceland/Atlantic) 1.76oz - Atlantic Seaweed

Raw Wakame (Iceland/Atlantic) 1.76oz - Atlantic Seaweed


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Hey everyone! :-) Today we are offering a new line of seaweeds straight from the pure ocean waters of Iceland. Ever since the unfortunate Fukishima incident happened, people have been asking for a source of seaweed harvested elsewhere other than near the coast of the USA.

The ocean currents from Fukishima would basically have to go all around the entire world first before they would reach Iceland.

The waters around Iceland are remote and unspoiled!

There is no heavy industry at all there. All energy is geothermal, the population of Iceland is less than 350,000 people and their main industries are sustainable fishing, lamb, cheese/dairy, wool and aquaculture.

These Icelandic Seaweeds are hand harvested from remote waters in the southwest region of Iceland, the seaweeds are dried at 80 degrees F, and all energy used is geothermal, thus sustainable.

The company behind this seaweed is a small, family-owned company, and the seaweeds are coming from unpolluted waters in an area that has a very small local population. The owner of the company has made a commitment to produce a pure and sustainable product that is suitable for raw, vegan and macrobiotic diets.

This Icelandic Seaweed company offers four kinds of seaweed including Dulse, Wakame, Kelp, and Sweet Kelp. Dulse is obviously the most popular seaweed out of them all, because Dulse always tastes amazing compared to all other seaweeds and is a key staple in many people's salads and meals. It's the cleanest best tasting seaweeds that we have ever had!

Atlantic Wakame is a fat free foods that is rich in vitamin B and essential minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.

It is closely related to Japanese wakame and is also known as dabberlocks.  In Icelandic it is called marinkjarni.

Atlantic Wakame has a mild flavor that blends well with other vegetables and is excellent for salads and can also be wrapped around your favorite fillings.

For best results, soak in water for 10 minutes.

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