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Red Clover Sprouting Seeds, 1Lb [Organic]


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Red Clover Sprouting Seeds, 1Lb [Organic]


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Good for cleansing and purifying the blood. Make your own blood cleaners salad using sprouted Alfalfa, Clover, Onion, Garlic (natural antibiotic) and use Wheatgrass as dressing. Red Clover builds the body's resistance to allergies. Suggested also to help fibrocystic disease by purifying the blood. Clover is beneficial in eliminating uric acid and other toxin on cases of Gout. Note: Not all items ship from the same location. You may receive separate packages when ordering.

When Exposed to Light They Grow Green & Rich with Chlorophyll and Vitamins. Organic Red Clover Seeds Make a Zesty Addition to Sprout Salads.

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