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Reishi 10:1 Powdered Extract, 90 gram - Shaman Shack

Reishi 10:1 Powdered Extract, 90 gram - Shaman Shack


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This is the most potent Reishi extract available, containing absolutely no fillers or hidden bulk by-products. You can readily taste the superiority of our reishi extract by putting a little on the tongue. No other reishi extract can get near it!

1/4 tsp in hot water/tea/smoothie, 1-2 times daily

Mix a quarter teaspoon of this ultra potent 10;1 reishi extract into hot water for an excellent coffe-like tasting beverage, add nut milk and agave for a latte, or cocoa powder to produce a moka drink, or add to smoothies.

60 gram jar

Possible Benefits of Reishi

Reishi (also known as "Ling Zhi" in China) has been known to the Asian world for over 2,000 years. Its miraculous health enhancing applications have been employed by Oriental cultures for centuries, but have only been introduced to the Western world in the last 30 years. Reishi is the legendary wizard of all superior medicinal herbs because of its apparent medical efficacy and the absence of unfavorable side-effects and toxins resulting from consumption. Because of its rarity in nature, reishi was reserved primarily for Asian royalty and wealthy individuals until the late 20th century, when cultivation of red reishi mushrooms by the Japanese made the once rare fungi plant more widely available to the general populace around the world.

Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) is particularly beneficial for individuals with asthma and other respiratory complaints. It has a healing effect on the lungs. Reishi is good for respiratory strength and for coughing. At least one population study confirms this claim. As for reishi's effect on the lungs, in one study of over 2,000 patients with chronic bronchitis, reishi brought about marked improvement in 60-90% of the patients and reported an improved appetite, according to "Medicinal mushrooms," by Christopher Hobbs, published in Herbs for Health, Jan/Feb 97.. The older patients, especially, seemed to benefit the most (Chang & But, 1986). Bronchial asthma has also been reported to respond well to treatment with G. lucidum, as do several other allergic diseases. Although the antiallergic compounds in G. lucidum are not yet clearly understood, scientists have shown that G. lucidum inhibits the release of histamine, a compound that causes blood vessels to dilate and is responsible for swelling, inflammation, and other allergic reactions.

Reishi for Healthy Cholesterol

We have all heard the news reports on the new cholesterol drugs, but the real news is the amazing mushroom called the Red Reishi. Doctors have found that using just 1,600 mg per day of a guaranteed potency extract can dramatically improve liver health and lower the LDL (bad) cholesterol by 30-40%. This daily immune tonic that helps the liver is just as effective as cholesterol drugs, minus the negative side effects to the liver. It is important to find a Reishi supplement that lists the potency as 10% polysaccharide/beta glucan, along with 4-6% on the triterpenes (our's is >30% polysaccharides and 4% triterpenes). Reishi may be just as effective as synthetic drugs in reducing LDL ("bad") cholesterol, especially since it doesn't have synthetics' deleterious effects on the liver. But it does need to be taken for about four months before its effects will be noticed. Although it takes 3-4 months for the full effect to be seen in the cholesterol numbers, all of the side effects are good: less colds, less flus, better circulation and improved liver function.

Reishi's Action on the Heart

In patients with coronary heart disease and hyperlipidemia, reishi has been studied for its ability to alleviate symptoms such as palpitations, dyspnea (sudden difficulty in breathing), pre-cordial pain, and edema, and it seems to lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure. G. lucidum has also been used to treat heart arrhythmias.

Effects on Beauty Care

Lingzhi retains and regulates water in the skin and helps maintain the skin's elasticity, keeping the skin hydrated and smooth. It also helps to inhibit the formation and deposit of melanin in skin. Today, Lingzhi beauty care products are becoming new stars in the cosmetic industry. By adding Lingzhi into the bath, not only can skin be kept smooth but it can also help prevent bacterial infections.

Reishi mushroom also has non-material benefits. Reishi is said to elevate the spirit; it's a mood-elevating substance. Traditionally, reishi is believed to help transform the individual into a more spiritual being. Just as mushrooms transform decayed material on the ground into life-giving nourishment, reishi converts metabolic and psychic waste (hostility and other negative feelings), thereby raising the spirit and unshackling the mind. Individuals can consume reishi every day to support immune function, peace of mind, and physical vigor.

For four millenia, the Chinese and Japanese have used reishi mushroom as a medicine for liver disorders, hypertension, and arthritis. Through in vitro and human studies, today's researchers have found that reishi has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties. In vitro experiments also indicate that reishi may help fight cancer tumors. In addition, a protein isolated from reishi - Ling Zhi-8 - may reduce the risk of transplant rejection.

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