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Rejuvenating Recipes Ebook - The Raw Food Retreat Cookbook

Rejuvenating Recipes Ebook - The Raw Food Retreat Cookbook


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After years of running the incredible Raw Food World Retreats we have finally compiled our brand new Rejuvenating Recipes E-Book. This book is a amalgamation of recipes perfected by our rotating line up of World Class Raw Food Chef’s. From Crepe’s, Raw Lasagna to Creamy Mushroom Soup this Recipe Book can find a home in any healthy kitchen.

It is time to let go of all excuses that you might have been holding on to up till now—you don’t need to save up money for the retreat, you don’t need to leave your entire life and travel for eight hours in a plane, you don’t need to attend special lectures or read tons of different books to change your life and claim your health back. You can do it right here and now, in the comfort of your own home. Everything is here in this book to help you start your journey into the next level of health, today.

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