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Relearning to See, by Thomas R Quackenbush

Relearning to See, by Thomas R Quackenbush


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Relearning to See is the official required textbook for the Natural Vision Improvement courses taught at the Natural Vision Center and the University of Alabama-Huntsville.

Relearning to See is the most comprehensive and thoroughly researched book ever written on the Bates method of natural eyesight reeducation. Intended for people who want to improve their eyesight without eye exercises, eye-glasses, contact lenses, surgery, or drugs, it introduces the three natural vision habits: Sketching (Shifting), Breathing, and Blinking. Underlying these habits are the three principles of normal eyesight: Movement, Centralization, and Relaxation. As the natural vision student removes the interferences to clear sight, many right-brain qualities of the visual system, including three-dimensional vision, greater color perception, creativity, imagination, memory, and texture awareness return when eyesight improves naturally. More than any other Bates method teacher, Quackenbush brings recent findings on right- and left-brain perspective to our understanding of natural eyesight reeducation.


From the Back Cover of Relearning to See:
In this ground-breaking presentation of the Bates method, Thomas R. Quackenbush describes how eyesight can improve naturally"at any age and regardless of heredity. With this simplified, practical, self-help approach to improving eyesight you can relearn to see"naturally and clearly, without glasses or surgery.

Lavishly illustrated with more than sixty color plates and one hundred and fifty images, including Distance and Near Eye Charts, Relearning to See is a virtual encyclopedia of natural eyesight improvement. In this indispensable book you will learn:

How thousands of adults and children have improved or eliminated their nearsightedness, farsightedness, "presbyopia," astigmatism, crossed eye, "lazy eye," and other vision problems Why relaxation of the mind and body and the release of subconscious tension are the keys to improving and preserving normal eyesight Why the "Bates method" is about relearning correct vision habits"not eye exercises Why the crutches of eyeglasses and contact lenses can strain your eyes, mind, and body, make your vision worse, and result in continually stronger prescriptions How to avoid eyestrain while reading, watching television, at work, using a computer, and under artificial lighting How clarity, blurred vision, and the Bates method can be understood with modern right-brain/left-brain concepts How to avoid moving into eyeglasses and contact lenses How headaches and neck pain have been relieved by natural eyesight re-education Why refractive corneal surgeries (RK, laser, etc.), ortho-keratology, and other artificial forms of eyesight "correction" can be harmful and risky


2. The 3 Secret Letters (Even my publisher did not know!):

On the cover of Relearning to See, there are three secret letters "S", "B", ("+") "B" that I painted on Mt. Rainier using graphics software. These letters stand for "Sketch, Breathe, and Blink"---the three habits of normal eyesight.
Tip #1: They are very small.
Tip #2: The three letters and the plus sign are at approximately the same elevation.
Tip #3: The letter "S" is the most camouflaged.
No more tips!

Table of Contents:
For the entire 11-page Table of Contents, go to Amazon.com-RTS/TOC.

List of Illustrations
List of Plates

Part 1. Fundamentals

1. Relearning to See (For Chapter One, go to Amazon.com-RTS/Chpt.1.)
2. Anatomy
3. Understanding Lenses and Prescriptions
4. The Problem with Glasses and Contact Lenses
5. Reduced Prescriptions

Part 2. Accommodation and Errors of Refraction

6. Accommodation and Errors of Refraction---The Orthodox View
7. Accommodation and Errors of Refraction---Bates' View
8. Accommodation and Errors of Refraction---Summary

Part 3. The Three Principles of Natural Vision

9. The First Principle---Movement
10. The Second Principle---Centralization
11. The Third Principle---Relaxation

Part 4. The Three Habits of Natural Vision

12. The First Habit---Sketching (Shifting)
13. The Second Habit---Breathing
14. The Third Habit---Blinking
15. Sketch, Breathe, and Blink Summary

Part 5. Light, the Retina, and Stereoscopic Vision

16. Light
17. The Retina
18. Stereoscopic Vision

Part 6. Brains, Health, and Healing

19. Brains and Vision
20. The Two Sides of Health and Healing
21. Palming and Acupressure

Part 7. Reading, Children, Schools, and More

22. Reading---For All Ages
23. Children and Schools
24. Computers, TVs, and Movie Theaters
25. Commuting and Recreation
26. Nutrition
27. Serious Vision Problems
28. Just For Fun!
29. "This Method Has Been Proved"
30. Questions and Answers
31. Summary

Appendix A: Bibliography
Appendix B: Resources
Appendix C: Biographical Sketch of William H. Bates, M.D.
Appendix D: Light Comparison Table
Appendix E: Becoming a Natural Vision Teacher
Appendix F: Eye Charts
Appendix G: Additional Vision Stories

Why Relearning to See: Improve Your Eyesight"Naturally! is a "Must Have" and recommended by eye doctors! Note: All of the following 100+ feedbacks on Relearning to See were unsolicited.

Immense Freedom Without Glasses
[Before we talked last July,] I could not wear my glasses anymore all of a sudden. Since then, I have done palming lying down and [closed-eyelid] sunning every day and have enjoyed the immense FREEDOM of my eyes without glasses...By the way, I had my eyes measured by a supportive optician and my eyes have improved.
Relearning to See has given me hope in the most difficult days of my life up 'til now, and I have a feeling that very serious problems with my eyes were awaiting me if I had not taken the glasses off. May your work be beneficial to many more people.
---Titia, Holland

Great! Recommend to All My Patients
I am very impressed with your book Relearning to See. Great! It is the best book on the Bates Method. I am going to recommend it to all my patients.

---Dr. Edward C. Kondrot, M.D., Ophthalmologist, Author of Healing the Eye the Natural Way; https://www.homeopathiceye.com. Natural Eyesight Improvement Seminars are taught periodically by Tom Quackenbush at Dr. Kondrot's office in Pittsburgh. Dr. Kondrot is a graduate of the Natural Vision Center's Natural Eyesight Improvement Seminar.

Very Popular; Someone is Always Reading It; Continually Recommended
I have your excellent book Relearning to See in my office and it is very popular...someone is always reading it...
I just wanted to let you know how much my patient's have appreciated learning the valuable information that you provide on your website and at your Natural Vision Center.
I continue to recommended Relearning to See: Improve Your Eyesight " Naturally! to my patients as well as your excellent Free Introductory Lectures and Natural Eyesight Improvement Courses.
Please keep me on your mailing list and be sure to let me know when you offer lectures and courses... Feel free to give out my name to your students who want to see an eye doctor who is sympathetic to this approach...
Best wishes and keep up the good work.
---Dr. Stan Appelbaum, Optometrist, Maryland

Excellent Work; Inspirational
Congratulations for your excellent work. One more step towards the truth in natural vision improvement. You are certainly one of the people who has inspired me to do the work that I am doing...If we do not dream that something is possible, we will never find out that it actually is possible.
---Dr. Deborah Banker, M.D., Ophthalmologist, Author of Self-Help Vision Care

A Very Impressive Text! A "Must Have"
Relearning to See is a very impressive text!...outstrips all its predecessors...Most complete text that we've ever seen on natural vision improvement. For anyone seeking to improve their eyesight without drugs, surgery or prescription lenses...For anyone seriously interested in vision improvement or the Bates method, Relearning to See is a "must have"...

---Rosemary Jones, Healing Pages Bookstore; America Online book reviewer

A Great Work of Love and Compassion Towards All Mankind Relearning to See is a most invaluable addition to my library and trust it will, through my sharing, introduce it to many of those needing your assistance.
May I, in passing, express my opinion that Relearning to See is the most comprehensive and complete work that I have had the privilege of reading on the subject of eyesight and it defects, and how they may be overcome. I would like to thank you personally for all the effort that you have put into making this knowledge available, and I perceive it to be a great work of love and compassion towards all mankind.
---Dr. John L. Fielder, D.C., D.O., N.D., Director of the Academy of Natural Living, Queensland, Australia

Every Page Packed with True Value! Incredibly Useful Material; a 500+ Page Milestone; Should Be Mandatory in Every University
A lot of authors who write such extensive manuscripts have a great way of saying a lot about nothing to fill up the pages in their expectations of creating value. I can honestly tell you that every page of this most monumental undertaking, Relearning to See, is packed with true value!
It's a textbook filled with some incredibly useful material about the care, prevention and positive awareness of one of life's greatest joys; seeing the handiwork of nature through our miraculous sense of sight; the wonderment of our extraordinary eyes, such a blessing!
I am convinced this 500+ page milestone gives you more for your money than any other piece of work on this subject. It should be mandatory in every university that teaches anything about improving your sight""naturally. I can't seem to stop picking it up to learn more through the countless pages of 4-color images and powerful reference materials to support all the knowledge in this manual!
Other than an accident or the like, we are in total charge of the care of our sight and this remarkable piece of work is the finest tool I've seen in my 26+years in this fabulous life-changing business of health to care for your sight. Hat's off to you Thomas for such a gargantuan accomplishment.
---Wayne Pickering, N.D., Sc.M., Nutrition Performance Coach, Life Management Consultant; Award-winning Triathlete 1996; 1997 nominee for The Healthy American Fitness Leader Award; https://www.wayne-pickering.com

Great to be Able to Read Again!
By last fall, after several years of peering at my computer screen, my close-range vision had deteriorated to such an extent that I could barely focus on anything within 12 inches of my nose, and I could not read small print without a magnifying glass.
Then I obtained a copy of Relearning to See. I had met Tom a few years ago at a raw food expo and felt good about the man and his knowledge. I knew that the book had helped thousands of people of all ages to improve their eyesight naturally. The book is not about eye exercises; it is about relearning to relax the eyes [and mind] when looking at objects...After two weeks I noticed that my eyesight was almost completely back to normal"it is great to be able to read again!
Relearning to See is replete with a plethora of information about vision and how to restore it using the Bates Method. However, as we have long contended, health is simple, and so, too, is the concept of eyesight improvement"much simpler than glasses and, certainly, laser surgery! It all begins with taking a different perspective"literally, a new way of seeing.
---Dave Klein, Editor of Living Nutrition; review in October 2003 issue; https://www.livingnutrition.com/index.html

Just Amazing! BEST Book; Explains Everything; Easy to Improve Just amazing! Relearning to See is the BEST book on the Bates method. This one really makes it easy to achieve real vision improvements, as it explains everything in an easy way, and at the same time being the most comprehensive book on the subject I've ever seen!
Rating: 5 stars
---Andre, Brazil, Amazon.com 5-Star Review

Extremely Good; Full of Information
If you want to learn how to improve your vision naturally, then Relearning to See is an extremely good book. Its 521 pages are full of information on various aspects of eyes and related subjects. Methods to improve your vision naturally are given in easy to understand language and if you follow them strictly, you will definitely have your vision improved. One thing everybody has to remember is that anything related to vision will not happen overnight. It will happen over a period of time and the improvement will be gradual.
---Ashley, New York, Amazon.com 4-Star Review

Single Most Valuable Resource
Relearning to See has proven to be the single most valuable resource in my attempt to improve my vision naturally. I have not been wearing my lenses consistently for over one year. I went from a -5.25 to a -2.0 in that time.
---Eric, New Jersey

Great Results; Incredible Book; Carry It Around with Me All Over the House
I've had Relearning to See for four months and carry it around with me all over the house. I'm getting great results. Thanks so much for the incredible book. And if there is room to attend your seminar, please reserve a space for me and I will mail you the registration form and fee right away.
---Gail, Virginia

Changed My Life; Improved My Sight; Fewer Headaches Relearning to See changed my life. I used to think that poor eyesight was genetic and unchangeable. This book explains how eye muscles can change the shape of your eyeball to make your vision better or worse. Because these muscles are not under your conscious control, "relearning to see" is more about relaxing and letting your eyes do what they were always supposed to do. In one month of applying some of the advice from this book, my vision improved from -3.50 to -1.25 in both eyes---tested in a dark optometrist's office. In natural light outside I often see 20/20. I now wear much weaker glasses, and only for driving. I also get fewer headaches.
Rating: 5 stars
---Betsy, California, Amazon.com 5-Star Review

Finally on the Right Track
A year and a half ago I bought a couple [natural eyesight improvement] books....I had no success with the exercises given after several months. I bought Quackenbush's book Relearning to See and finally got on the right track [with natural vision habits, not exercises].
---David, internet

Feldenkrais Practitioner's Reference for Years
Would you please let me know about details for your March 2004 Teacher Training Program in Holland? As a Feldenkrais Practitioner with a specialty interest for vision in its largest sense, I'd like to improve my offer to clients via what you are teaching. Relearning to See is and has been for years a reference in relation to the eye work I propose to my clients. And I also have the Better Eyesight: The Complete Magazines of William H. Bates.
---Dieter, Feldenkrais practitioner, Switzerland

Spectacular Improvement; Quality Plus! A "Bible" on Vision Improvement
Relearning to See is QUALITY plus! This book is a wonderful tribute to the genius of Dr. Bates, who was a pioneer in discovering how vision becomes blurred and how it restores itself naturally to clarity and acuity. Now 80 years later, his findings and teachings remain light years ahead of our contemporaries. There is at least one current book which gives you the impression that improving your vision naturally is "newly" discovered. Hardly. Tom is to be commended for his dedication in getting the truth out and keeping the torch burning in this "bible" on vision improvement.
As an ophthalmologist, Dr. Bates distinguished himself from the pack as a truly critical thinker. His colleagues were content to ignore or rationalize away the numerous cases of patients whose vision improved yet shouldn't have according to the orthodox theories. Dr. Bates was troubled enough to undertake his own extensive experiments and thorough analysis to debunk the myths. His approach to treating vision problems was truly holistic and the theme throughout this book is very much an extension of that holistic approach.
My vision improvement using the Bates method has been nothing short of spectacular. When I began, my nearsightedness was roughly 20/600. Now on a clear and sunny day outside, my vision settles in to about 20/30 on average, with many periods of 20/20. Under indoor artificial light, my vision averages about 20/40, with periods of 20/30. (Why does it vary, you ask? Read this book and you'll understand why eyesight isn't a fixed and rigid condition under all lighting conditions.) My vision continues to improve subtly each day (it's amazing how one can sense the differences that I'm sure no instrument could detect) and at this rate, I know that the perfect vision I fondly recall as a child will soon be restored.
Being formally educated and employed in the sciences, there was a time when I would have been extremely skeptical about holistic healing. I'm a firm believer now, because I have had reversals of other types of conditions that I never in a million years would have related to poor vision. This book describes many negative cognitive, emotional and physical symptoms that result from blurred vision.
Before getting this book, I had already been using the Bates method of improvement for several months...Tom's in-depth and comprehensive book gave me a much fuller understanding and appreciation for some of the finer points of Dr. Bates' work. The book also describes phenomena that I had experienced very early in my vision improvement that startled me at the time, such as brief "flashes" of 20/20 vision and incredible depth perception.
"Blinded by science" takes on a literal meaning when it comes to orthodox methods of "correcting" vision. There's no doubt that the eye care profession in its infancy was developed on good intentions. But it's a science that has gone terribly astray, with countless numbers of people needlessly suffering the consequences. This book discusses one of the founding principles of the profession based on experiments conducted in the mid-1800's where the reflection of a candle on a subject's eyes was checked under different focusing conditions. This experiment and its erroneous conclusions wouldn't likely meet the grade for a current school science fair.
I assume that many have chosen a career in the orthodox eye care industry for noble reasons beyond the almighty dollar. Yet they've been duped in their education to faithfully believe the mythical genetic condition of progressive myopia and they are unwittingly selling us snake oil (prescription lenses and contacts). To add insult to injury, a new brand of snake oil (laser surgery) is being offered. It's utterly preposterous the harm that has been inflicted to our most valuable sense organs in the guise of "treatment".
A philosopher once stated that truth goes through three steps. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. And thirdly, it is accepted as self-evident. Buy this book and go immediately to step 3. Learn the proper vision habits (not exercises) and you will be rewarded with marvelous clarity, incredibly healthy eyes and a whole new outlook on life...
Of four books I have on the subject...Relearning to See is the best and most comprehensive.
Rating: 5 stars
[Later email:]
I had an amazing degree of clarity tonight playing golf near twilight. My wife and I play most evenings until sunset, but tonight was special. Being fairly far north, the sun sets at 9:35 p.m. local time and there was enough twilight to play until about 10:10 p.m. At 9:20 p.m., I was standing on the tee box of a par four that's 396 yards long and was looking towards the green before I teed it up. I could see the flag on the pin distinctly from that distance!! And it wasn't just a flash---I could really see it well from that far. I also watched the player ahead of us walking on the front fringe of the green. I mentioned both observations to my wife without much of a response. (She's getting so used to such improved clarity that she sometimes forgets to acknowledge it.) So I mentioned it again, and then she decided to test me. She asked what color the flag was. There are 3 possible choices depending on where the hole is cut---blue for back of green, yellow for middle, or red for the front---and you don't know until you arrive at the hole which it will be. I immediately answered yellow because that's clearly what I saw---no guessing. On the same hole I watched my wife and my son hit their drives. I saw the flight of both their shots as the balls apexed and descended in the distance about 180 yards away. I wasn't able to see their balls land by that time in the evening, but holy smokes, what I was able to see under such low light was quite exhilarating.
[Even later email:]
I consider Relearning to See and Better Eyesight: The Complete Magazines of William H. Bates to be the best books on the Bates Method and Natural Eyesight Improvement. The depth and breadth of your experience, as an author and instructor who has a solid understanding of Bates, is second to none.
---Doug, Canada, Amazon.com 5-Star Review, and emails

More than a Bible; Best Thing! Flashes of Nearly Perfect Sight
I am very happy that I can write you again. If you remember I sent you my first e-mail in August 2004. At that time a retina specialist told me that I have two ruptures in my right eye and thinning of the periphery in the left eye. The reason was high myopia---6.50 diopters. As a result I went into a great depression. The doctors said that nothing can be done but only sealing with laser and expecting further problems! I have in both eyes flashes of light when I turn my head. This was a normal according to the doctors and resulted from the high myopia because the vitreous body is pulling the retina at the periphery.
From 1994 until this event I was practicing karate shotokan. I reach the last level of students" belts and I was planning to take the black belt. I put glasses on for the first time in 1997---at that time I was 16 years old---during a period of intensive learning and stress. My first pair was -3 diopters. When I put the glasses on, my eyes felt like they were going to explode.
These holes changed my life! The doctors said that it is dangerous to sport. I have to go every six months for examinations, my life turned into periods of six months fearing not to experience further problems. But I found your email and website before six months. And I thank to God for this! You were the only one that answered my desperate emails. I bought Relearning to See and this was the best thing! Your book is more than bible on vision improvement. It is a hope!
After I read Relearning to See I took off my glasses. Since 1 November 2004 I have used glasses only for 10 hours totally and their strength is -4 diopters. I also read Better Eyesight: The Complete Magazines of William H. Bates---again a wonderful work. Under daylight I can read 15/70 blurred and under artificial light 20/200 but blurred. I experience the greatest improvement during the first three months. Then I hit a plateau which continued to the end of April 2005. During the plateau I experienced different emotions, transformation. I went through periods of extremely low levels of body energy, and in my sleep I deal with different emotions from the past. I think that this plateau served as an emotional healing for me. Now I again have flashes of nearly perfect sight during the day. I feel that a new stage in my vision improvement has begun. I finished my university education without glasses. I wrote and presented my diploma work successfully without glasses. I am fully motivated to improve my myopia! I know and I believe that this can be done! That"s why I would like to take lessons from you. I am ready to come to Holland and attend your classes.
---Evgeni, Bulgaria

Parfaitement Complet
Relearning to See donne toute les indications n"cessaires pour retrouver une vue normale. Quelque soit votre d"faut de vision, s'il n'est pas du a un trauma, il est probable que votre vue puisse s'am"liorer. Cela parait difficile " croire et pourtant j'applique cette m"thode avec succ"s depuis quelqus mois et les effets sont indiscutables. Toutes les questions que vous pourriez vous poser sur la vision ont leurs r"ponses dans cette v"ritable encyclop"die. De l'argent bien investi.
Perfectly Complete
Relearning to See gives all the necessary information to recover normal sight. Whatever the defect is in your eyesight, if it does not come from a trauma, there is a good chance your eyesight can improve. This seens difficult to believe and yet I have been succesfully applying this method for some months now and the effects are indisputable. All the questions that you could ask yourself on vision have their answers in this real encyclopedia. Money well invested. [Note: Many defects of sight caused by trama have also improved.] ---Nicolas, France, Amazon.fr 5-Star Review

Incredible Book; My Improvement is One of the Best Things I Have Ever Experienced!
Today, I had a visit with...an ophthalmologist recommended to me by Tom. It was my first visit with him in three months. On 2/28/01 when I saw him last, my visual acuity without glasses was 20/200 right and 20/400 left. On 5/23/01, my visual acuity is 20/50 right and 20/70 left!!! I asked [the ophthalmologist] to put in writing that I was allowed to drive without glasses in daylight. He wrote: "To Whom It May Concern: David S. has vision of 20/50 right, 20/70 left which is adequate for driving in daylight without glasses."
In the last three and a half months, I have barely used either my contacts or glasses. The only time I really wear glasses is for night driving. I don't think I'll ever wear contacts again.
Tom, thank you for referring me to your certified Natural Eyesight Improvement teacher Patricia. She is a great teacher. Thank you for writing an incredible book, Relearning to See, which has been an invaluable resource for me the past few months; and thank you for putting together Better Eyesight: The Complete Magazines of William H. Bates, which is also a great resource for me.
I want to wish...you continued success in educating others about Natural Eyesight Improvement. I am trying to educate people I know about it and to set an example of one who has benefited from it tremendously. NEI really works and it is amazing how everyone I talk to never heard of this process before...
Bottom line right now is that I really enjoy the whole process of natural vision improvement. It's one of the best things that I have experienced in my entire life!
---David, email

Quite Simply an Amazing Book...Literally an "Eye-Opener"!
My eyesight has been going downhill consistently for some years now and every 18 months my prescription gets worse. Glasses are frustrating and mean that you only have good sight some of the time, I can't get along with contacts and laser eye surgery is still a little bit too risky for my liking. Then a friend at university introduced me to Relearning to See. I thought it's probably a waste of time but it can't hurt to try. So I read it, which took some time because it's quite a long book!
In a nutshell the book explains the findings of an ophthalmologist named William Bates. Bates discovered that contrary to traditional opinion, poor eyesight can be attributed to a series of bad habits adopted by people as they grow older. Thus, unless there is a disease or injury to the eye: full quality vision can be regained simply be analyzing and understanding the way we use our eyes.
In this book the author has made it possible for people to regain perfect vision, without taking any of the risks associated with corrective lenses and invasive surgery---both of which 'force' better eyesight. By reading this book and persevering you can assist your eyes to improve of their own accord.
Its amazing, after only a few days one can make a noticeable difference. If you have the motivation and commitment, theoretically 20/20 vision can be regained in about a year. Surely this is worth a try?!
---Amazon.co.uk 5-Star Review, Southampton, UK

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