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Restore the Yin, 90 caps - Jing Herbs

Restore the Yin, 90 caps - Jing Herbs


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  • Nourishes Yin Essence
  • Nourishes all five Yin organs
  • Longevity tonic
  • Replenishes energy

    Ingredients: Prepared Rehmannia root, Cornus fruit, Dioscorea rhizome, Dang quai root, Peony root, Asparagus root, Eucommia bark, Poria sclerotium, Alisma rhizome, Moutan root bark.

    Restore the Yin is an augmented version of the classic Yin Essence tonic, Rehmannia 6. The Kidney is considered the source of all Yin and Yang in the body, and as such, all the Yin organs derive their Essence from the source.

    The function of the four herbs, Dong quai, Dioscorea, Asparagus, and Peony, added to the formula are to directly tonify the Yin of the Liver, Lungs, Spleen, and Heart, thereby protecting and conserving the source Yin of the Kidneys.

    In addition, to remain faithful to the inseparability of mutual dependence on Yin and Yang, Eucommia, a Yang tonic, was added to maintain the energetic dynamic of this ancestral pair.

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