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Rhodiola Crenulata Root Extract 12:1, 50 grams - Shaman Shack

Rhodiola Crenulata Root Extract 12:1, 50 grams - Shaman Shack


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Rhodiola Crenulata Root Powdered Extract 12:1

Rhodiola grows above the tree line on mountains throughout Asia. In Russia its referred to as Rhodiola Rosea. Our Rhodiola comes from the high mountains of Southwestern China bordering Tibet, and is referred to as Rhodiola Crenulata. This is thought to be a particularly powerful species.

Rhodiola is classiied as an 'adaptogen'. In fact, the term was coined in 1948 by Russian scientist Dimitry Lazarov when studying Rhodiola's complex genetic structure. He had determined that the root can activate the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system when required, or according to needs of the circadian rythms. In other words. This herb can help instill energy, and also induce calming affect, depending on one's needs.

Rhodiola is a blood oxygenator, helping oxygenated blood reach the brain. Thus it is a wonderful herb for those with high mental activity; occupations including writing, computers, arts, students, etc.

50 grams

Instructions: 1/4 teaspoon in preferred liquid/tea/smoothie 1-2 times daily
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