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Ringing Cedars, The, Book 3: The Space of Love, By Vladimir Megre

Ringing Cedars, The, Book 3: The Space of Love, By Vladimir Megre


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Book 3 - The Space of Love

Nothing you have read in Books 1 and 2 has prepared you for Book 3 The Space of Love.

News of Anastasia's powerful abilities has reached people in high places. Someone wants her captured. As Megre attempts to return to the forest where Anastasia has borne him a son he finds his way blocked.

A helicopter hovers over her glade as armed agents close in. But these men with machine guns flee in horror when Anastasia gives them a terrifying taste of hell and it's far worse than your worst nightmare!

Then discover a school in the forest, designed, built and decorated entirely by students 7 to 17 years old, without adult supervision. Here students cover an 11-year math syllabus in just one year, while learning three foreign languages, martial arts and ballroom dancing. They come and go as they please, and their parents pay no fees. With a waiting list in the thousands, this school completely redefines the word "education". (see also our amazing video The School: Humanity's New Future taken at this forest school)

Enter The Space of Love you'll emerge recharged and excited by its remarkable revelations, with a totally new appreciation for life and all that your future holds.

Love dissolved in Space for one can touch the hearts of many. So that close to a loved one there will always be a Space of Love. This is the essence of Love, this is its designated purpose. ~Anastasia
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