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RoseGlow Face Creme, 15mL - Living Libations


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RoseGlow Face Creme, 15mL - Living Libations


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Deep nourishment for your Royal Nature; a bounty of botanicals to bless the skin.

For your Royal Nature, RoseGlow Creme sinks deep in the skin. Harmonizing dry and oily skin, blemishes and graceful cheeks. Adore each pore with: Spring water, organic rosewater, organic oils of jojoba, shea butter, carrot, aloe vera, seaweed extract, jojoba, herbal infusions of green tea, elderflowers, rosehips, horsetail, comfrey root, rosebud, nettles, marsh mallow, seabuckthorn, orange and rose wax, plus essential oils of lavender, rose otto, neroli, immortelle, palmarosa, carrot, lemon, schizandra and geranium; antioxidant extracts of rosemary and sage.
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