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Rose Glow Serum (Dropper) 30ml

Rose Glow Serum (Dropper) 30ml


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Our Rose Glow Serum is a silky smooth face serum that creates a radiant rose-dew glow, which restores, adores, and harmonizes every face adorned by its grace. Living Libations Rose Glow Serum softens the skin into rose-woven silk. This pure, glowing elixir flushes the face with a natural blush and a dewy disposition. Perfect on pimples, radiant for rosacea, excellent for evening skin tone and righteous for wrinkles! A few drops in the morning and a few drops at night alight the skin with pure, fresh, feather-light moisture. Enjoy on its own, or mix with a few drops of our Rose Glow Crème for an all-out infusion of magnificent-moisture and the potent power of rose.

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