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11 months ago we introduced the first ever USDA Certified Organic Royal Jelly Liquid, which has the highest potency available on the market today, with a 2.4% 10-HDA!

Well… We decided to dry this amazing Jelly, which makes it even more concentrated and dense, increasing the potency drastically all the way to a 6.1% 10-HDA! The Royal Jelly Powder that we used to carry from a different company was decent, with a 5.1% 10-HDA. However, when you take the most powerful Royal Jelly Liquid in the world and dry it, you are going to get the most potent Royal Jelly Powder in the world. Just wait until you try this new product!

10-HDA is a very powerful fatty acid only found in fresh Royal Jelly and it's said that it cannot be reproduced artificially. It is this fatty acid that makes Royal Jelly one of the most powerful Superfoods in the world and is responsible for many of the benefits reported in the clinical studies seen below, including brain growth, longevity, and so much more. This article also states Royal Jelly could be ideal for children with Down's Syndrome.

In today's day and age, I feel it’s critical to get a wide variety of readily absorbable (micronutrient) nutrition in order to stay healthy and to avoid deficiencies. The best way to get this type of "micronutrient" nutrition isn't via the typical heavy "macronutrient" meals that sustain us, such as our three standard meals of the day, but rather in "micronutrient-rich" items such as vegetable juices, wheatgrass, pine pollen powder, and certain supplements such as Quintessential, multi-vitamins, and green food powders.

I feel that Royal Jelly is one of the most nutrient-dense "micronutrient" foods that we can possibly consume!

As you probably know, I’m a huge fan of drinking green vegetable juices. However, if someone were to offer me a green juice or two teaspoons of Royal Jelly, I would take the Royal Jelly in an instant! It contains virtually everything the body needs for optimal health, as well as for combating diseases. It is also highly regarded for its brain boosting capabilities and is reported to improve cognitive function and memory. (1)

Whenever I take Royal Jelly, I immediately get an energy boost, along with extreme focus and mental clarity. It almost feels like a magnetic focus buzzing in my head. When you put it in your mouth, it virtually burns with life-force and you can sense the power of it. I just took some right now in fact and the mental clarity is intense!

Royal Jelly’s 10-HDA fatty acid is one of the only natural sources of Acetylcholine (1mg per gram!), which is a powerful neurotransmitter and is one of the key components that help profoundly improve memory and stimulate mental acuity.

In the clinical study here, Royal Jelly encourages brain growth by stimulating neural stem cells and glial cells, which protect the brain’s neurons. This neurogenesis brain growth is why writer Andi Durkin shares that she feels Royal Jelly is ideal for children with Down's Syndrome, in her article here. In the clinical study done with humans here, the conclusion was reached that Royal Jelly definitely improves mental health. There are six clinical studies further below, which show all of the different benefits that Royal Jelly has on the brain...

An acetylcholine deficiency can result in attention deficit disorder, dementia, dry mouth, dry skin, learning disorders, speech problems, slow movement, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, carelessness, decreased creativity, verbal memory problems, memory lapses, and eventually could lead to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Royal Jelly is jam-packed with nutrition!

On top of the 10-HDA fatty acid that contains acetylcholine, Royal Jelly also contains the entire B-Vitamin Complex (B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, etc), and is highest in B5, which aids in extracting energy from the food you eat, providing a constant steady flow of energy all day long. Royal Jelly also contains 18 amino acids (including all 8 essential amino acids), DNA & RNA, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, and royalactin, which may be the component responsible for increasing female fertility in the clinical studies below. Natural Fertility expert Hethir Rodriguez C.H., C.M.T., states here that Royal Jelly reigns over all other Superfoods in helping with natural fertility.

Iron is one of the most challenging nutrients for a person to sufficiently cover with a Raw Food Diet. One company here stated “People who have low levels of iron in the body, after using Royal Jelly have been confirmed to us that the level of iron significantly increased, and also that after the cessation of use of Royal Jelly iron level again began to decline. (sic)"

I also feel that Royal Jelly is one of the top Superfoods for longevity, as shown in the clinical studies here and here!

In addition to all of the benefits above, further below is a huge list of clinical studies that show Royal Jelly has the potential to help with...

rheumatoid arthritis, breast cancer, depression, anxiety, colitis, stomach ulcers, preventing insulin resistance, protecting the liver, reducing cholesterol, Graves disease, blood pressure, anti-tumor, female fertility, anti-microbial, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, fungus, atopic dermatitis skin lesions, anti-fatigue, suppression of allergic reactions, boosting immune system, hyperlipidemia, improving highly-coagulant status of blood, anti-bacterial, UV damage and so much more...

So what we have here today is the first USDA Certified Organic Liquid Royal Jelly with a 10-HDA potency of 6.1%, which is truly the most potent and pure Royal Jelly ever seen on the market today!

Here is a list of over 40 clinical studies showing the potential benefits of Royal Jelly:


Reduce Bone Loss

Brain Health

Human Breast Cancer


Depression & Anxiety

Colitis Human

Stomach Ulcer

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Prevent Insulin Resistance

Protects Liver

Reduces Cholesterol

Graves Disease

Female Fertility


Blood Pressure/Hypertension


Wound Healing

Atopic Dermatitis Skin Lesions


Suppression of Allergic Reactions

Boost Immune System

Hyperlipidemia and Improving Highly-Coagulant Status of Blood


Ultraviolet Damage in Humans


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SPECIAL NOTE: Bee pollen and royal jelly should be regarded as potentially dangerous because they cause allergic reactions. People allergic to specific pollens have developed asthma, hives, and anaphylactic shock after ingesting pollen or royal jelly. Neurologic and gastrointestinal reactions have also been reported. Some cases of asthma and anaphylaxis have been fatal. The potential for serious reactions is widespread because at least 5% of Americans are allergic to ragweed pollen, and bee pollen contains pollen from ragweed or plants that cross-react with ragweed, such as dandelions, sunflowers, or chrysanthemums. It has been speculated the presence of these allergens might enable regular users to become desensitized (as would happen with allergy shots). However, the odds of this happening are extremely small. Shots deliver the pollen in significant and controllable amounts, whereas bee pollen taken by mouth delivers unpredictable amounts that get digested.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.