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Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil 5 ml - Living Libations

Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil 5 ml - Living Libations


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Our Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil is hydro-distilled exclusively for us in glass alembics from the sap of an ancient species of frankincense trees in the Dhofar region of southern Oman. This area of the world has been revered since classical times for having the finest quality frankincense in all the world, and is the only place on earth where this type of frankincense grows. While all frankincense is sacred,Frankincense sacra is distilled from groves with a five thousand year history and this species of frankincense is considered more precious and more spiritually significant than any other form of frankincense. It is said to resonate at a high vibrational frequency, making it the optimum choice for meditation and prayer. Sacred Frankincense is gorgeously grounding and quintessentially calming, and is said to be the species of frankincense gifted by the three Wise Men.


Botanical NameBoswellia sacra

Extraction Method: Hydro-distilled in glass alembics

Part of Plant Distilled:Resin

Country of Origin: Oman

Cultivation Method: Wild

Scent Description: Full-bodied, woodsy, resinous warmth that reaches deep into the earth as it winks a citrus whisper towards the wild heavens.

Blends Well With: Rose, neroli, sandalwood, bergamot, chamomile, rockrose, cypress, myrrh, immortelle, palmarosa, silver fir, palo santo, cedar and sage

Uses: A few drops in a bath; diffuse into air; use in Salt Inhaler; apply neat or diluted for skin; inhale from bottle; apply under nose to inhale for meditation


Living Libations Scared Frankincense Essential Oil is a magnificent gift of the ancient Maggi. Exclusively grown in Oman, this strain of frankincense has its roots in over five millennia of human history. The Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and Egyptians used this type of frankincense for sacred ceremonies and burial rituals. King Tut was even buried with sacred frankincense!


Because it only grows in one part of the world, traders would travel thousands of miles to obtain the precious resin of the Boswellia sacra, which at one point in history was considered more valuable than gold. Even today in Oman, having sacred frankincense growing on your land is a sign that one is blessed and fortunate.


Recently the government of Oman opened up their frankincense reserves to the rest of the world for distillation. The essential oil being captured from these Arabian trees is a direct descendent of the frankincense oil mentioned throughout ancient texts.


The sacred nature of this species of frankincense makes it the perfect attendant for spiritual work. It is said to enhance the separation between ego and spirit, allowing the ego to be released and the spirit to take over completely. Sacred Frankincense dissipates insecurity and enhances self-esteem. It facilitates centeredness during meditation, yoga, and spiritual study. 


Like other types of frankincense, Frankincense Sacra has positive implications for skincare, and is often used to treat scars, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and signs of aging. It is a potent anti-inflammatory and, thanks to its high levels of alpha pinenecompounds, is indicated for immune use as well.

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