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Salvia Extract Powder, 50 Grams - Jing Herbs

Salvia Extract Powder, 50 Grams - Jing Herbs


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Category: Regulates the Blood

Properties: bitter, slightly cold

Organ meridians: Heart, Pericardium, Liver

Ingredients: Salvia miltiorrhizae root extract

  • Invigorates the Blood*
  • Tonifies the Blood*
  • Calms irritability due to Blood heat*
  • 50 grams per packet
  • 25 servings per packet
  • Concentrated extract powder

    In our herbal tradition of protecting, nourishing, and balancing the Three Treasures, the concept of movement is essential. Although Salvia root does not qualify as one of the tonic herbs, it is included in our product line for its important quality of promoting circulation and movement. It plays a critical role in the circulation of Qi and Blood throughout the whole system, and as such, plays an indespensible part in nourishing and rejuvenation every organs system in the body. To stay young and active, Salvia is an herb of choice.
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