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Schisandra Extract Powder, 50 grams - Jing Herbs

Schisandra Extract Powder, 50 grams - Jing Herbs


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Category: Stabilizes and consolidates Essence

Properties: sour, sweet, warm

Organ meridians: Heart, Kidney, Lung

  • Tonifies the Kidneys*
  • Beauty and Sex tonic*
  • Generates fluids*
  • Quiets the Spirit*
  • 50 grams per packet
  • 25 servings per packet
  • Concentrated extract powder

    Ingredients: Schisandra chinensis fruit extract

    Schisandra a Three Treasure tonic herb that was historically consumed by the Royal families of China. It is renowned for its ability to nurture beautiful, soft, and radiant skin. It is a powerful brain and memory tonic. As a sexual tonic, it increases fluids and sensitivity in woman, and has an astringing quality for male endurance.
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