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We've been thinking about mixing a high quality, Maine made salt with our sea veggies for several years. This is finally a reality with Sea Salt with Sea Veg and we think you'll love the subtle tastes and interesting looks of this unique blend. But there's an even more important reason we have mixed some sea veggies into sea salt.

Evaporated sea water, sea salt, contains less than 1 microgram of iodine per gram, or only 1-2 micrograms per serving. We have also learned from a book called 'Iodine, Why You Need It" by Dr. David Brownstein, that most of us aren't getting enough iodine even if we eat lots of iodized salt. In fact, as a population iodine levels have dropped 50% in 30 years (according to a NAHNES data in 2000). The reasons are complex, but it's partly because many are turning from iodized table salt to sea salt and partly because some studies show the iodine in table salt may only be partly bio-available anyway.

So we've formulated this mostly sea salt blend with enough of our iodine rich kelp and dulse granules to meet or exceed the 150 microgram RDA for iodine. This will make your thyroid happy as well as your entire endocrine system that depends on iodine as an essential element, according to Dr. Brownstein. We also hope this new Sea Seasoning will please your palate and change the way you think about sea salt.
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