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Shapeshifter, 200  grams - Shaman Shack


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Shapeshifter is composed of high-concentrate powders of 8 Chinese Tonic herbs proven effective over hundreds of years to help aid in 'transforming' unwanted accumulations of edema dampness around the hips and midriff. These "Spleen Chi" herbs are quite helpful in the diet of those who consume high-raw foods, and for many women who tend to hold dampness in the 'middle jiao'.

Shapeshifter represents a new meeting of ancient herbal alchemy and modern creativity. This formula represents a completely new idea in herbal delivery.

Shaman shack has created this special formula for assisting the functions of digestive metabolism, in which the Chinese view as being governed by the functions of the Spleen system, which includes duodenum, pancreas and small intestine. Shapeshifter formula assists the transformation of food into Chi by supporting the spleen and helping the body transform dampness, which may occur as edema in the mid-body, particular amount women who eat large proportions of raw foods in the diet.

White Atractylodes and Poria are famous for helping the body avoid damp buildup. Astragalus supports "upright Chi" helping distribute the flame of Chi throughout the body. White Peony helps the body break up "Chi stagnation" assisting the free-flow of Chi, especially in the abdomen. Rehmannia is a blood and kidney tonic, Codonopsis is called "Ginseng for Women." Jujube is a "Harmonizer," helping bring the formula into harmony within the body.

We mix these powerful extracts with Organic wild-crafted Mesquite powder and Lucuma powder.

Shapeshifter is quite tasty mixed into nut or rice milks, or added into shakes. Excellent as a hot drink in the morning.

Ingredients: Astragalus, White Atractylodes, Poria, Jujube date, Codonopsis, Prepared Rehmannia, White peony, Citrus Peel + Mesquite, Lucuma

Makes approx. 40 servings

Directions: Stir one level tablespoon Shapeshifter into nut milk or any liquid and drink. Excellent added into smoothies. Drink warm or cold. Warm is best for women managing weight. May be taken with meals or makes an excellent meal substitute, but should not replace a healthy whole food diet. Try blending with fresh berries.
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