[Soft Bounce] Needak Non-Folding Platinum Edition

[Soft Bounce] Needak Non-Folding Platinum Edition


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** Please note that Needak Rebounder Spring Covers are now sold separately. They are NOT included with your rebounder purchase.

  • Recommended for individuals below 300 lbs
  • Absorbs up to 85% of impact

    Identical to our folding model in every other way, this rebounder does not fold in half and is primarily for people who do not require increased storage and portability options. The Needak Hard-Bounce Rebounder utilizes stiffer springs to create a harder bounce surface. Primarily for people who weigh 300 pounds or more, to prevent your feet from touching the ground upon landing from a high bounce. If you are a professional athlete you may also prefer the stiffer bounce of the Hard-Bounce Rebounder for a more challenging workout.

    Soft-Bounce: Low Impact

    The patented Needak Soft-Bounce springs work to reduce the impact of each bounce by over 85%. This ensures that the user reaps the benefits of rebounding without putting unnatural strain on their knees and spine.

    Why Choose Needak?

  • Rebounding to Better Health book
  • Aerobic Resistance Rebounding article
  • Bounce Before You Jump DVD

    The Stabilizing Bar attaches to the legs of your rebounder to provide extra support, stability and balance whilst rebounding. The bar has adjustable height and flexes with you as you bounce, to further increase the user's sense of stability. Whilst the stabilizing bar is recommended for elderly individuals, it is suitable for all people of all ages and all rebounding levels.

    Whether you need it to aid your balance whilst rebounding, or to manage those advanced rebounding exercises - the stabilizing bar offers extra stability to promote confidence and security to your rebounding experience.

    The bar disassembles into 4 pieces, so when you don't need it, you can store it away neatly.

    Adjustable to 29", 34", and 41" (jump surface to hand grip). For use with the Needak folding/non-folding rebounder.


    Every Needak rebounder frame is made with heavy-grade steel coupled with thirty-six heavy duty spring mechanisms and custom-made jumbo springs. The polypropylene/nylon rebounder mat and tear/water/oil/sunlight resistant nylon spring cover add to its durability, both cosmetically and actually. The spring covers must be purchased separately.

    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    All our rebounders come with a limited lifetime warranty that ensures your purchase is both safe and reliable. For residential use, every Needak rebounder comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty covers the frame for the lifetime of use, along with the frame hinges, platform pins and leg tubes. In addition to this, the mat, mat cleats and spring pins have a five year warranty, and the springs, leg tips, leg springs and safety spring covers come with a two year warranty. For commercial use, the frame and frame hinges have a five year warranty, the mat comes with a two year warranty, and everything else has a one year warranty.

  • Color: Blue
  • Mat: Permatron SOFT Bounce
  • Frame: 40 inches in diameter
  • Height: 12 inches
  • Maximum load capacity: 300 lbs
  • Legs: Sturdy Non-Folding Legs OR Folding depending on Model
  • These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.