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100% Gluten Free ♥ Product of Costa Rica ♥ Non-GMO ♥ RAW ♥ Vegan

Love at First Bite!

Experience for yourself our scrumptious Spirulina Crunchies - surely it'll be love at first bite. These unique granules of savory micro-algae are a truly delectable way to reap the amazing health benefits of one of Nature's purest, most concentrated, green superfoods. Our unique tasty Crunchies are radically different than traditional spirulina - most commonly available in an ultra-fine powder or pressed into tablets using a binding agent. In contrast, our grape-nuts-like pure Spirulina Crunchies are lip-smackable, easily eaten by the handful, and equally appetizing sprinkled on soups, salads, tossed into your favorite recipes, stirred into green juices, and infused into raw chocolates, etc. They taste absolutely delicious!

What Makes Spirulina Crunchies Different?


  • A totally fantastic super green CRUNCH!


  • Superior savory flavor


  • 100% Pure naturally grown Spirulina - nothing added!


  • Low temperature (heat) dried (rather than low temperature freeze-dried which can adversely effect the nutrient and enzyme qualities).


  • Hand cultivated and crafted on a small family farm for a superior quality product


  • Retains microscopic spiral structure upon drying

    What is Spirulina?
    Spirulina is truly one of Nature's richest Superfoods. It is a pure, natural, whole, nutrient dense, microscopic, edible, blue-green algae packed with complete and absorbable protein, chlorophyll, antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals. It is a balanced whole food that contains over 100 synergistic nutrients that are easily assimilated. It is literally at the bottom of the food chain - a concentrated "nutrient soup" from which all life can be nourished. Spirulina is a power packed "green food" that has served as a significant food source of the Mayan and Aztec peoples (who were known to mix it with cacao - yum!) and Africans. Certainly one of the world's healthiest foods!

    Health Benefits of Spirulina:
    Dr. Oz, the renowned professor at Columbia University, and a regular guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show, recommends Spirulina as one of the most important anti-aging nutritional supplements. Spirulina plays an important role in slowing down the aging process through its antioxidant/anti-inflammatory effects. It is also a perfect source of protein, enhances immune system functioning, balances brain chemistry, and is a completely absorbable wholefood vitamin and mineral supplement. It satisfies hunger because it fulfills the body's nutritional and biochemical needs. And it is low in sodium, fat, starches and calories, so you won't gain weight! Optimize your vitality, endurance, strength and whole system health!

    Concentrated Protein Source:
    The highest concentrated source of protein! 60% vegetable protein. Easy to digest due to the lack of hard cellular walls.

    Complete Protein Source
    Contains all 8 essential amino acids in the proper ratios, and eighteen amino acids in total. 375% more protein than tofu. A gram of spirulina is 4 times more absorbable than a gram of meat.

    Best Source of GLA
    Gamma-linolenic acid. An anti-inflammatory essential fatty acid necessary for a healthy nervous system. Helps fight the inflammatory symptoms of arthritis. Makes hair and skin shiny, strong and soft.

    Vast Spectrum of Antioxidants
    Loaded with antioxidants like natural beta carotene, mixed carotenoids, zeaxanthin, chlorophyll, phycocyanin, vitamin B12, gamma linolenic acid (GLA), riboflavin, a host of other phytonutrients. Protect against harmful UV sunlight, pollution, and environmental stress. Protecting cells from free radical damage while enhancing immune system.

    High in essential minerals and trace minerals. Easily assimilated by the body as the minerals are chelated with the amino acids. Iron: 2300% more iron than spinach. Delivers oxygen to cells throughout your body. Improves energy levels. Promotes good health during growth phases. Prevents anemia.

    Beta Carotene
    3900% more beta carotene than carrots. A source of Vitamin A that your body cannot produce on its own. Enhances immune system and healthy skin.

    Vitamin K
    An essential nutrient that must be obtained from sources outside the body. Improves bone density and aids in blood circulation.

    300% more calcium than whole milk.

    Chlorophyll (the green pigment)
    Blood builder and purifier. Supports liver and kidney function to detoxify your blood. Chlorophyll is deeply cleansing and alkalizing. Protects from UV radiation at a cellular level. Phycocyanin (the blue pigment) Phycocyanin works like a magnet to help remove heavy metals and pollutants from your body. Induces production of more stem cells found in bone marrow.

    Nucleic Acids
    RNA and DNA

    Responsible Nutrition
    Spirulina is extremely easy to grow and takes less room per cubic centimeter than any other known crop, yielding an enormous amount of nutrition. Acre for acre, spirulina produces 20 times more protein than soy beans, 40 times more protein than corn and 400 times more protein than beef while requiring only 1/10 of the water needed for beef production. When we choose to nourish ourselves with "efficient" foods the environmental effect is even greater that driving a hybrid car! Make a real difference!

    Spirulina is also an ideal food to feed a starving world. It has been used in Third World Countries to relieve hunger with great effectiveness because it is inexpensive to produce locally, nutritionally compact, and retains it freshness.

    Pure Growing Conditions
    Grown in northern Costa Rica, Spirulina Crunchies benefit from the ideal year-round climate and perfect growing conditions found few other places in the world. The spirulina cultivation pools are supplied from a deep well on the farm which offers pure alkaline water whose origin is the volcanic walls of "Rincon de ala Vieja," an active volcano that is in a period of relative calm. In this highly controlled cultivation system, all eight spirulina cultivation pools are covered "green house style" to keep dust and even rain from the pools. The pools are cleaned only with water and rinsed on a regular basis. Spirulina Crunchies are grown in the most pristine conditions achievable, in a carefully monitored system that contains less than 16,000 ppm of bacteria (up to 100,000 ppm of bacteria is permissible by most international spirulina standards). The farm and the surrounding areas are free of pesticides and other environmental contaminants. No artificial chemicals, preservatives or additives are used at any time in the production process.

    Beyond Certified Organic
    Spirulina Crunchies are pesticide and herbicide free, are grown naturally, do not contain any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and are never processed with any synthetic chemicals. In order to preserve the utmost purity, Spirulina Crunchies are not produced in a certified organic manner. Our growers found that since spirulina is grown in water rather than soil, certified organic farming constraints are not suited for producing a superior, nutritionally dense, pure product. Feeding spirulina an organic fertilizer creates a "dirtier" culture medium housing much higher levels of bacteria (which then requires the spirulina to be heated at high temperatures to be sterilized). Other brands of certified organic spirulina have been consistently tested to reveal a much higher heavy metal content than that of non-certified organic spirulina. As a fertilizer, our grower uses only pure, naturally occurring potassium nitrate (aka salt peter) from a mine in Chile. This insures safe levels of bacteria and a completely vegan product.

    100% Pure Spirulina Granules
    Spirulina Crunchies are 100% pure Spirulina - no fillers, stabilizers or additives. The Crunchies are simply created through a manual proprietary process using only pressure (no heat or chemical binders). Then the drying process begins.

    The Drying Process In order to preserve the vital nutrients and to keep bacteria at safe levels, Spirulina Crunchies are dried in huge "dehydrators" at 120 - 130 F for approximately 5-7 hours. Due to the high moisture content that remains present in the spirulina for the majority of the drying time, we believe Spirulina Crunchies remain vital, enzymatically active and nutrient dense. The curing methods takes into consideration dry time, heat, humidity, and spirulina moisture saturation levels to ensure that Spirulina Crunchies remain vital and are at their healthiest and most vibrant. Note: The leading "raw" brand of spirulina uses a freeze-drying process that plummets the temperature below 0F. Extreme low temperatures can adversely affect the nutrient value of "live/raw" foods.

    A Unique Variety
    Spirulina Crunchies are a rare strain called "spirulina plantensis;" the variety is called "Titi." It was procured by our grower in 1995 from Dr. Jaques Falquet, of Geneva, Switzerland a Swiss Biochemical Scientist, who besides being one of the progenitors of the spirulina movement, is noted as instrumental in the development of antenna technology. Dr Falquet wrote "La Spiruline pour L'homme et la Planete" (Spirulina: for Mankind and the Planet).

    Vibrant Spiral Structure
    Spirulina forms helical, microscopic strands as it grows. This natural spiral shape is the inspiration for its name - Spirulina. Unlike many other varieties, the "Titi" variety used for Spirulina Crunchies is unique in that it maintains the spiral structure even after drying (does not "straighten out" or break). This is due in part to it's smaller size (twice as small as most other cultures). This is live food at its best. Not only is it raw, but it is energetically vibrant right down to the microscopic level!

    Spirulina Crunchies are provided in an air tight, light-safe, metallic reclosable bag that contains an oxygen pack to preserve natural freshness. Store in a cool dark place (preferably under 75 degrees F). Do not refrigerate. Spirulina Crunchies have a shelf life of 5 years if stored properly (unrefrigerated).

    Suggested Uses:


  • Simply eat a handful


  • Stir by hand into your savory green juices


  • Sprinkle on salad


  • Add to your veggie recipes


  • Mix into raw chocolate

    Recommended Dosages:


  • Beginner Child (2-9 years): 3-5 grams per day (1 tsp)


  • Normal or Child (10-18 years): 6-10 grams per day (less then 1 Tbs)


  • Therapeutic Dose: 11-20 grams per day (1 heaping Tbs)


  • Super Powerful Performance Dose: up to 30+ grams per day (2 heaping Tbs)

  • These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.