Degenerative Diseases & Ailments



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Causes, Remedies, Recipes
You can overcome indigestion and most other intestinal problems within 24 hours without using drugs! Did you know that undigested food is fermented and putrefied by our intestinal flora? That this leads to sickness and diseased organs? That using commercial antacids can cause many health problems including Alzheimer's disease? This book guides you to an easy way out of such problems as abdominal pain, belching, colitis, constipation, diarrhea, distention, flatulence, gallstones, halitosis, headaches, heartburn, hernia, nausea, pancreatis, ulcers, etc. Included are 40 pages of recipes with foods that are compatible in digestive chemistry, plus Brown Bag lunches. 222 pages. Paperback.
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