Sulforaphane 60cap

Sulforaphane 60cap

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Sulforaphane Broccoli Seed Extract + BioPerine:

Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, Nootropic, Detox

  • More than an antioxidant: Antioxidants are an important part of your long-term health because they are the answer to free-radicals (the compounds that cause damage to cells and DNA). The genes that are activated by NRF2 actually prompt cells to create their own antioxidants. Instead of just taking antioxidants, Sulforaphane helps you produce them.
  • NRF2 activation with Myrosinase: The primary reason Sulforaphane supplementation has become so popular is its unique relationship to a powerful protein known as NRF2. Sulforaphane, which is found in abundance in broccoli seeds, stimulates the release of NRF2, which then activates over 200 genes that are critical for reducing oxidative stress. And each capsule contains over 1.5 mg of Myrosinase for full utilization of Sulforaphane. Third-Party Tested for Myrosinase and Sulforaphane
  • Anti-inflammatory & Detox value: The immense reduction of oxidative stress that Sulforaphane provides, means reduced inflammation and toxicity. But many of the over 200 genes activated by NRF2 also independently promote the body’s anti-inflammatory and detoxification responses, further increasing the benefit.
  • Great nootropic potential: Because Sulforaphane crosses the BBB (Blood-Brain Barrier) it’s positive effects are also felt by our most important organ. Ongoing research shows huge promise for Sulforaphane and mental health.
  • The SMN difference: Levels of Sulforaphane can vary between strands of broccoli. That’s why we use only the BroccoRaphanin Broccoli Seed Extract and BroccoPhane, which have been proven to contain the highest volumes of this key ingredient. Third-Party Tested to ensure it has at least 9.5mg of Sulforaphane per Capsule. Don’t be fooled by sellers selling mcg instead of mg. 1000mcg is equal to 1mg. Non-GMO, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, and Dairy-Free


Eliminating Free Radicals With NRF2

One of the greatest long-term health challenges that we face is the presence of free radicals in our bodies. These compounds damage our cells by stealing electrons from the atoms and compounds that comprise the tissues of our bodies. The damage caused by free radicals builds up over time and includes everything from the acceleration of aging, to the development of serious diseases.

Sulforaphane from broccoli seeds is a powerful tool in the fight against free radicals and the oxidative stress that they cause. Sulforaphane prompts the release of the protein NRF2, and NRF2 activates over 200 genes that actually cause cells to produce their own antioxidants (the answers to free radicals and oxidative stress).

Supplementing with Sulforaphane gives you a serious edge for long-term health. What’s better than taking antioxidants? Making your own.


A Promising Nootropic

Our brains are protected by the blood-brain barrier, which limits what substances are actually capable of reaching our most important organ. Because Sulforaphane can reach our brains, its impacts can be felt in a way that many others cannot.

That’s why sulforaphane has shown great promise for mental health. Neuron cells benefit from the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and toxicity-reducing effects that Sulforaphane offers, and with interesting results. Sulforaphane has even been shown to improve mood and overall mental performance.


Fight Toxicity & Decrease Inflammation

Slowing the age-related breakdown of our cells would be benefit enough, but reducing oxidative stress also has some more immediate impacts. When cell damage from free radicals is reduced, our general inflammation levels also fall. And this is not the only way that Sulforaphane reduces inflammation...

The 200 genes activated by NRF2 are responsible for more than the creation of antioxidants. Many of these genes work to reduce inflammation directly. They also prompt the creation of proteins and enzymes that bind to toxins and remove them from the body. Toxins from air pollution are particularly affected by these enzymes.

By addressing oxidative stress, inflammation, and toxicity, which are related to a variety of illnesses, sulforaphane is one of the most dynamic supplements that you can take for long-term cellular health.


A Complete Formulation

Smoky Mountain Nutrition Sulforaphane supplements also contain mustard seed, a naturally high source of myrosinase, which can greatly increase the effectiveness of Sulforaphane. In fact, each capsule of Sulforaphane by Smoky Mountain Nutrition contains over 1.5mg of myrosinase.

And because you deserve all the benefits of broccoli, they have included the broccoli sprout concentrate BroccoPhane in this mix. BroccoPhane introduces the many benefits of broccoli sprouts to this supplement as well as its own source of sulforaphane and myrosinase.


Made The Right Way

Every product from Smoky Mountain Nutrition must meet uncompromising standards.

Supplements are manufactured in FDA-Registered, NSF, cGMP facilities right here in the United States. Making supplements the right way ensures you get the best every time.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.