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Sun-Dried WHOLE Ojai Persimmons, 1/2 lb.

Sun-Dried WHOLE Ojai Persimmons, 1/2 lb.
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1 - 999 units $/unit
Sun-Dried WHOLE Ojai Persimmons, 8oz

I was at the health food store in Ojai where I ran into these FRESH Sun-Dried WHOLE Persimmons. My mouth started salivating as I looked at them. Immediately, I wrote down the phone number and email address of the supplier and I ordered a MASSIVE amount to put on our website. We are always trying to get the BEST foods out to the WORLD!!!

We caught the man in charge of Sun-Drying these WHOLE persimmons when he dropped them off at our warehouse and so we decided to film him. Enjoy...


This year he was inspired to dry even more persimmons and supply our customers. As you can see in these pictures, he and his partner hand pick and dry each persimmon by hand, resulting in the famous sugar plum. These ripe persimmons are so sweet that the natural fruit sugar actually crystallizes on the outside of the fruit as it dries!

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