Sunflower Seed Bread (RAW), 8oz - Lydia's Organics

Sunflower Seed Bread (RAW), 8oz - Lydia's Organics


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Sunflower Seed Bread can be eaten as a giant cracker; or to rehydrate should be sprayed with a mister or dipped in water, set aside, and allowed to absorb water for a few minutes (do not soak in water). Try a raw "sanwish" with a spread of your choice, tomato, sprouts, and lettuce.

Ingredients: Sprouted sunflower seeds*, sprouted flax seeds*, carrots*, celery*, parsley*, basil*, dulse*, herbs*, Original Himalayan Crystal Saltâ„¢ & .


Package contains 6 slices.

May this food be of great service to your well being! In Joy!
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