Talks With Trees, by Leslie Cabarga (LIMITED EDITION HARDCOVER)

Talks With Trees, by Leslie Cabarga (LIMITED EDITION HARDCOVER)


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Ever wonder what a giant redwood tree thinks about the destruction of ancient forests? How does garlic feel about being stir-fried? If a tulip could talk, what stories would it tell? Discover the answers to these and other questions in over 30 psychic interviews with real vegetables, flowers and trees. Those who cherish nature will enjoy this book, the first of its kind to expose the secret lives of plants. . .in their own words!

What the people say about Talks With Trees:

"Hugging a tree is perhaps the most tangible experience of the sacred we may have on this planet. Through my own talks with trees I've discovered the beauty and wisdom possessed by these grand creatures. These fascinating interviews with the plant kingdom are at once insightful, delightful, and most credible." Gerald Jampolsky (Author of (Love Is Letting Go Of Fear)

"I found Talks With Trees charming, and the information will spark an interest in such communication between people and plants." Louise Hay (Author of You Can Heal Your Life)

What the plants and trees say about the people:

"It's curious to be alive and pulsing with energy but the one near you, tending you, seems to ignore this. It is not merely a matter of tending the soil, watering the plants and weeding. You wouldn't just feed the baby then leave it alone in the crib until next day." Lettuce

"Peacefulness is my essence. Nature takes the burden and responsibility. Let her fret and worry! Bless you! Wherever you go nature will take care of you just as she does me." Hickory Tree
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