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The TC Carafe - Family is the medium version in the size range of TC Carafes. The version with the gold Flower of Life logo fired into the carafe base has been one of the most popular TC products around the world for many years. . The 1.3 liter size is ideal for an individual or couple.

The effectiveness of the TC Alladin carafe in revitalizing liquids placed within it is created by its physical shape. The product's ability to create these effects is guaranteed as long as the physical shape is preserved. No additional electrical, magnetic, intentional or any other kind of energetic inputs are required to create the revitalization effect.

The energetic signature generated by the TC Carafe - Alladin carafe resonates the sound frequency of the note F. This frequency is an information carrier for a vertical energy flow, similar to the energetic motion seen in trees. This can be seen to support a harmonizing of the various energy centers (chakras) in our physical bodies.

The TC Carafe - Alladin carafe is available with a 24-carat gold, white, or rainbow-colored Flower of Life design fired into the bottom of the carafe, or with no design. This additional firing makes the glass more break-resistant. In color therapy, the color gold is associated with energetic support and biological enhancement, and the color white is associated with healing, openness, and completeness in perception. The rainbow carafe has been given the name HAPPY because this design incorporates colors that are associated with a joyful, life-affirming consciousness.

Each TC ALLADIN carafe is an unique piece. Small imperfections, such as slightly different dimensions or small bubbles, are not a defect but rather a typical feature of handmade glass products. Each product displays the logo of TC energy design which has been fired into the glass. The TC logo and TC forms are protected by trademark.


  • Height / diameter: approx. 20 / 16 cm (8 / 6.3 in) [dimensions without stopper]
  • Volume capacity: approx. 1.3 liters (1.37 quarts)
  • Weight: 530 730 gm (without stopper)


    Manufactured using traditional glass-blowing techniques The dimensions may differ slightly due to the glass-blowing production. There may be differences in weight within the given range. Symbols are burnt into the glass bottom at about 600 degrees Celsius.


    Messbro DI Paul Sommer D-98533 Schleusingen. Water quality was measured with a biotensor. After 3 minutes in a TC carafe, there is a biologically meaningful change in the water quality according to Bovis units. For more information please see www.TCenergydesign.com


    E. F. Braun, CH-3664 Burgistein, Switzerland

    A considerable increase of the harmonious geometrical shapes of the frozen water crystals is noted after three minutes in a TC carafe. For more information please see www.TCenergydesign.com


    TC products are not connected with any statements about healing nor do they claim to influence the course of an illness. The use of TC-products are free of promises for increased well-being and requires the self-responsible action of the person using the products.

  • These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.