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The Drinks Are On Me, Everything Your Mother Never Told You About Brestfeeding Veronika R.

The Drinks Are On Me, Everything Your Mother Never Told You About Brestfeeding  Veronika R.


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The Drinks Are On Me ~ everything your mother never told you about breastfeeding

By Veronika Sophia Robinson. Illustrated by Andri Thwaites.

The Drinks Are On Me ~ Veronika Sophia RobinsonThe Drinks Are On Me reclaims and celebrates the ancient art of breastfeeding ~ a natural way of feeding our babies which has allowed humanity to exist for millions of years. The book argues that the rapid decline in breastfeeding rates is in direct proportion to the increase in physical, emotional and psycho-sexual dysfunction seen throughout western society. Our healthy existence as a species is dependent on full-term breastfeeding becoming the norm again.

Veronika Robinson draws on her rich experiences as a breastfeeding mother ~ a ten year journey which included five years of tandem nursing ~ and explains why breastfeeding is vital for the healthy continuation of the species. Embracing a holistic view, she shows how to overcome common and not so common, breastfeeding challenges, whether they are physical, emotional or cultural.

This book is equally suitable for new and experienced mothers. It’s essential reading for all professionals (doctors, midwives, dentists and health visitors) who influence a mother’s choice to breastfeed or not. The author deliberately takes a step outside the usual breastfeeding knowledge to present a new framework in which to view how we nourish and nurture our children.

The Author

A former journalist, Veronika Robinson is the editor of The Mother ~ an international magazine publishing cutting-edge information on optimal parenting. She founded The National Waterbirth Trust (New Zealand) and co-created the Peaceful Pregnancy CD; works as a celebrant and appears regularly in the media to promote gentle and conscious parenting.

The Drinks Are On Me is her third book and integrates her personal experience as well as professional advice, based on her work as a holistic breastfeeding counsellor.
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